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27 March 2011


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FB Ali


I agree. But there are an equal number of Qaddafi supporters there (Sirte was a special case in being almost totally pro-Qaddafi). So, there will be fighting between civilians on both sides in these cities. Will the coalition intervene? And, if not, the outcome is far from certain, ie, a stalemate.

clifford kiracofe

More than a few Libyan-Americans have returned to Libya to help the national liberation movement:

"A month ago, when professor Ali Tarhouni told his microeconomics class at the University of Washington that he had a death sentence on his head in his native Libya, but that he had decided to return home to help advise the rebel army on economic issues, his students were stunned by the news.

"It was kind of jaw-dropping," said student Sara Jones. "And then he clapped his hands and said, `Back to class.' "

Tarhouni, 60, a lecturer at the UW since 1985 and a favorite among students for his engaging style and dry wit, left Seattle on Feb. 27 to join the rebels' shadow government in Libya and was appointed its finance minister this week.

Tarhouni is best known at the UW for making microeconomics theory easy to understand.

But few people in Seattle knew that the longtime business-school lecturer has led a kind of double life as an exiled leader of the Libyan rebel movement, said Ed Rice, associate professor of finance and business economics at the UW.

Tarhouni and other native Libyans who opposed Moammar Gadhafi have stayed in touch through meetings, and more recently, Skype conference calls during Gadhafi's 42-year reign, said Tarhouni's wife, Mary Li.

"There are many active members of the opposition all over the world and they've all gone back to Libya now," Li said. "The Libyan opposition has never not existed, so this is just kind of a natural progression."

William R. Cumming

Well Professor Kiracofe there are some indications US INTEL community has been helping MQ in the past. Perhaps MQ has the US file on Tarhouni and should there be a turn around again in favor of MQ perhaps there is a list of notables for execution.

Oh that's right the US leadership says between the lines its okay if MQ wants to stay on to help out in determining Libya's future. Are you kidding? Obama should have specifically targeted MQ and keep targeting him as that is the whole ball game IMO. US leadership is totally feckless.



"Obama should have specifically targeted MQ and keep targeting him as that is the whole ball game IMO"

What makes you feel he isn't being targeted?

If you are going to do it, then you would not talk about it until after the fait accompli.

Patrick Lang


Too many movies. Too many. pl


Looks like NATO is going to leave qadaffyduck to the Libyans. That's the best way. So far Obama has played it smart.



Nah, I am probably too idealistic.

But if the shot is there, we wouldn't take it?

Patrick Lang


I would but I am not Obama. pl

Patrick Lang


No. He's just a weak man.


After his speach today, all I can say is I spoke too soon. Too bad for the Libyans, too bad for us.


I agree Obama doesn't have the backbone to shoulder the pressure. I figured we would destroy Qadafi's big stuff and the rebels would siege Tropoli. But I just heard Hillary say we are talking to Qadafi. She looks like she wants to leave--yesterday.

William R. Cumming

Still no Apaches and no FACs?

Medicine Man

Ugh. The worst possible outcome. Are they really that terrified of looking like G.W. Bush? At all costs, avoid adopting the goal of regime change? So silly--they learned the wrong lessons from Gulf War II. If all they are concerned about is domestic politics, they should think about how the US public would regard Bush's Iraq adventure if he'd ordered the troops home after Saddam swung. They can't even do that though...

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