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01 March 2011


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I am terribly puzzled. Is it now US policy to support or to oppose MQ? Has the Israeli government decided to support MQ out of fear that he may be replaced by something worse? Is the US government secretely supporting the Israeli decision if there is any truth to the story?

Considering the significant level of Israeli influence in the Obama administration, has the US decided to stand by while the Israelis undermine the rebels by providing African mercenaries to support MQ.

In follow-up to Leander's post, it seems there is some evidence that the Israeli government has approved an Israeli company's assistance to MQ in importing a large number of mercenaries from central Africa. http://mondoweiss.net/2011/03/report-israel-company-recruiting-gadhafi-mercenaries.html

What gives here?


What is going on?


Can anyone find and translate the original Hebrew article on http://www.news-israel.net/ that is being referred to in the news articles.

Is this rumor sound or misinformation propaganda?

Clifford Kiracofe

BBC has some data on the Tuareg mercs coming in from Mali:

"About 2-300 have left in the last seven days," said a senior elected official, who did not want to be named, from the Kidal region in the north of the country, where many Tuareg live.

Another Tuareg man from Kidal said: "It's true many young men are leaving. It all started about a week back."

He said he had spoken to a convoy of 40 vehicles who are in southern Algeria waiting to cross the border into Libya.

The elected official said: "They are being paid about $10,000 (£6,000) to join up and then I've heard they are being told that they will get $1,000 a day to fight."

As Col. Lang pointed out, cash does not seem to be a problem for Q.

Clifford Kiracofe

London Telegraph reporting serious divisions within partisan military:

"Efforts to coordinate Libya's chaotic uprising are in disarray after infighting erupted over a command-and-control structure, the uprising's chances of advancing on Tripoli to oust the Libyan leader."


@WP the link to the article was suppled by leaNder mondoweiss link. but here it is by itself. it translates itself or use google translate. (the self translate may just be a feature of my chrome browser)



C'mon people--let's not get crazy here--first of all, MQ doesn't need Israel to be able to hire mercs. He has plenty of contacts in Africa himself. Second, even if some Israeli company is acting as a broker or in some other capacity, that hardly amounts to Israel backing MQ. It's called making a buck--not unlike LSE, the Italians, etc. etc.


If MQ is importing more mercs via an Israeli company mediator then all hell is going to break lose in the mid-East.



I believe that the map's unit dispositions are already OBE,
(for the non-militaroid, not Order of the British Empire, but Overcome By Events).

I just love that phrase, don't you. It is all encompassing and embraces some 95% of all well thought out military plans.
Kinda like Murphy's Law.


"BBC has some data on the Tuareg mercs coming in from Mali" but are the Israelis organizing the recruitment?

I was hopeful a new paradigm might emerge until I heard the Israeli rumor. I hope the rumor is not true. If it is, there will be blow-back to US for not doing more to end the dictatorships.

This round of "revolutions" is looking by the day more like just another round of failed uprisings. If the Israelis have cast their lot with MQ, then it seems to be more like the 1905 Russian Revolution than the fall of Eastern Europe in 1989. Like 1905, the aftermath will be stadiums filled with bodies.

If the Israelis are supporting MQ and the US is allowing it, then the very organized Israelis and the very ruthless MQ will probably prevail. It looks like the military is still in control of Egypt and the tyrants in the other MENA countries remain in power as they consolidate things with force.

The people will be very surly after this and things will get more radical if the uprisings fail to bring some significant change.

Patrick Lang


I agree. I know several retired IDF officers who have been in the business of training and supplying guards and paramilitaries all over in the ME, especially in the Gulf. They have been doing this for a long time. pl

FB Ali

The Daily Telegraph, London, in a report datelined 9 PM GMT today seems to indicate that the Brits are already moving on TTG’s plan:

Government sources said that British diplomats and specialist advisers could be deployed to Benghazi in eastern Libya to work with leaders trying to co-ordinate efforts to oust the Libyan dictator.

With Western leaders now calling for Gaddafi's removal from power, British diplomats would help "support the transition" of power, sources said.

Publicly, Britain will only admit to sending diplomats to engage in political dialogue with the Libyan opposition. However, both Special Forces soldiers and MI6 officers are thought to be on standby for deployment to eastern Libya.



As I said earlier on another thread, I believe the Obama Administration and the Israelis have come to the conclusion that it is not in their interests to do anything that would maintain or increase the momentum among younger Arabs for change in the Middle East. In other words, a long and bloody civil war in Libya is not to our disadvantage because it takes pressure off the rulers of ALgeria, Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia - our allies. I cannot see Obama doing anything but try to shore up the status quo.

We will make all the right noises, provide humanitarian aid, but not take any military action that would shorten the proceedings.

If it were true, which I don't know, that Israelis were indirectly supporting Ghaddaffi as reported, then that would be consistent with my theory.

I know I'm cynical. I know I shouldn't attribute to conspiracy what can be explained by stupidity and ignorance, but..


Most honored that you endorse my comment. I have been a "lurker" for some time--former Indian military, relocated a few years ago to your lovely commonwealth to be near my daughter and her family.

The Twisted Genius


I think CIA involvement should stick to collecting, analyzing and disseminating intelligence. I don't think the Libyan rebels need the help of any HVT hunters from CIA/SAD. That's my admittedly biased view.

You and several others wondered who the ODAs would contact in the rebel forces. Rebel leadership is still fluid and underdeveloped. That's where the art of conducting UW kicks in. If contacts are provided before insertion, that's where the ODAs would start. Failing that, you look for community leaders or those already engaged in training the rebels or leading rebels already engaged in combat. There's really no checklist for this. Sometimes you have to make a leap of faith and commit. That's what makes SF so unique.


SF does not set out to be "king makers." However, if there are several rebel groups (a likely situation), the group(s) that accept SF assistance probably does accrue some organizational advantage in the inevitable jockeying for power. Of course any group that achieves some level of success without outside assistance may stand a better chance to become the authentic leader of the revolution. The ODAs have to maintain some kind of situational awareness of the internal dynamics of the resistance movement. Again it's the art of UW.

The Twisted Genius


This whole wave of revolutions is only weeks old. Think how much time passed from the Boston Massacre to the establishment of a constitutional government in America. Don't lose heart yet.


Learnin lots here so folks please keep it up. Mostly filling in details of processes and structures aware of through uniformed experience.

Thanks to all including, in particular, the host.

Hoping it all "works out".

Sidney O. Smith III

Winning someone over to the US flag is a charism, imo. You either have it or you don’t. Exists in the civilian and military world. All but certain it cannot be taught. Not sure wearing a uniform helps but it depends on the historical context and individuals.

But again, you are walking the razor’s edge. Put it all on the line and win someone over and, as history has proven time and time again, others in the US will stab them (and you) in the back.

The Twisted Genius


"My guess is that some very very competent and alert soldiers, sailors, airmen (women) understand that SF may well be an important arrow in the quiver of National Security just not able to compete bureacratically with conventional forces."

Not only is SF treated like a red headed stepchild by conventional forces, but the "operators" in the special mission units (SMUs) of JSOC are not particularly fond of SF and their UW capabilities. It's not an enviable position to be.

William R. Cumming

TTG! How many SF types have made it to the Joint Chiefs? I know of one!

Patrick Lang


Two maybe? shelton and Schoomaker and as I recall Schoomaker didn't like the UW mission. pl


Larry Fink of Blackrock Asset Management stated that 'the markets' like dictatorships. This might/most likely will turn out to be the deciding factor of how U.S. responds now that Wall Street owns our government.p.s. Blackrock is the largest asset management firm in the world with est.$3 trillion in funds.

William R. Cumming

PL! I think that is correct, only two. But hey maybe the post-employment picture is different for SF!

Now that would be an interesting study to determine how many SF Flag ranks and later careers.

Charles I

securecare, topics will come up here where uniformed experience will be the icing on the day's cake of posts here, so please be generous in that case.

Patrick Lang


I think you assign more importance to the issue of attaining GO rank than most SF officers would. pl


aljazeera arabic online is a different animal than the english version. it quotes the residents of Zawiya as having engaged actual Israelis in firefights!

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