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27 March 2011


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William R. Cumming

Just out of curiosity Yusuf how long were the Jews in captivity in Egypt before being led out by Moses?

“When a leader makes a grand move like joining Hitler and remains the leader after that, this reflects on his supporters: the Palestinian Arab national movement”.
Do you want to tell us that the Palestinian resistance to the theft of their land and the loss of their homes and villages is inspired by Nazism?
An Palestinian-Nazi alliance wouldn't be any odder than the one between Israelis and those evangelicals who want the Jews to stay in Israel, so the prophecy can be fulfilled, Jews can die in numbers, so that the true believers (i.e. the evangelicals) can eventually be raptured. I think we're speaking about alliances of utility, not shared views or even ends.

An alliance between the Nazis and the Palestinians shared at least an abstractly common enemy.

The evangelicals love Israel and the Jews, because they want them to die. They will lament their death, of course, but they will like being raptured more. The Israelis in turn think (quite rightly IMO) that the evangelicals are nuts, and they take whatever support they can get, the more fervent the better.

Point is: Convenience, opportunity, necessity or utility make odd bedfellows all the time, always have.


Excellent response. Do not forget that Zionist leaders had contacts with the Nazi movement. Read Lenni Brenner's "51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with Nazis". These contacts are more significant than any alleged ties between Palestinians and Nazis the Zionists can conjure up. The fact is there was no alliance between the Nazis and the Palestinian national movement, there was one shameful meeting by Hajj Amin. One contact does not make an alliance. This is all desperate propaganda by supporters of Israel. When the lies get this big, you know they're struggling to defend the actions of the state of Israel.

Yusuf  Al-Misry

Mr Cumming, I understand what your question means! However, I really do not know..but way much longer than they stayed in Israel


Mr. Cummings: The Isarelites loved the Land of Canaan so much that within three generations of Abraham, the children of Jacob had already moved to Egypt. Does this not trouble anyone who claims that the Divine Real Estate Agent in the sky actually "gave" the ladn to anyone?


"how long were the Jews in captivity in Egypt before being led out by Moses?"

430 years. Ex 12:41.


“When a leader makes a grand move like joining Hitler and remains the leader after that, this reflects on his supporters: the Palestinian Arab national movement”.

No,it doesn't!
Here's another.

In the grand scheme of things, he was another pebble that forced the Empire to doubt that the Indian ragheads might mutiny if they listened to Bose. Better a pansy like Gandhi who talked non violence and peace! (My personal view, is that, we'd got independence a good 5 years earlier if the entire nation had swung behind Bose but of course a lot more people would have been machine gunned by British savages)

Bose took support wherever he could. No one believed him I think; in the final analysis, other than make encouraging noises and a bit of support, nothing much happened.

So, coming back, does that make India antisemitic? Whatever realpolitik was in vogue, that was it. As in Palestine, actors make the best of the situation they can.

And as an aside, given Prof. Baram's view on Nasser, what does he make of Stalin(his killings), in hindsight? Assuming, of course, without Russian "help", the war would have been even tougher going for the Allies. Presumably that's realpolitik while Nasser was traitorous?


Well, Matthews, apart from the fact that Moses isn't much more than a memory trace over the centuries, the motives of the divine the real estate agent, seem peculiarly similar us humans, since that is the only way we can read them. You have to consider there was a moving in and a moving out. Mooses is only a not too well elaborated story in between. Keep in mind how he was found and raised, if that was all, whom should he have led back?

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