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22 March 2011


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Colonel, I think it's fair to say that while most thoughtful and reflective people are disgusted with the sway that Israel holds over our media, it must be particularly frustrating for someone of your professional expertise to be locked out of a dialogue that should be front and center. More than most, you know the specific damage that our relationship with Israel has done and is doing to US interests.

Nancy K

Col Lang, they hate you because they fear you, your truth. No one kicks a dead dog.
Some day I am sure you will quit but until that day comes, Thank you.


Col: The truth will set you free. My anti-Zionism stems from visiting Israel and going through their checkpoints. Sometimes "more information" actually weakens a cause.

 Charles I

Carry on. Offer stands

The beaver


I thought about that "gang" when I read your post on the "Newshour" but told myself to wait a bit before making a comment.
This morning the post was gone and I saidto myself that I missed my chance.

I guess, for some, the truth hurts when they can't control the public ( via blogs and social networks) outside the corporate MSM through words or threats sometimes. May be they think that you are a "gauchiste":

Well, don't give them that pleasure and thank you, once again, for this blog

 Charles I

I have just read The Army of Northern Virginia. Wow. Now that is an answer to my every question.

You are a beautiful man, inside an honourable soldier.

I shall have to be thoughtful, serious and respectful for a bit until the poem loosens its grip. . . I have never been a soldier, but today I could cry like a baby for one.

FB Ali

Col Lang,

I would recommend that you pay no attention to their attempts to annoy you. It is just a sign of how much your blog rattles them. As a forum for enlightened opinion and reasoned debate, it is an island of sanity in an ocean of partisan shrillness and mindless chatter.

It is great work you are doing. Please keep it going!


Make that 101 to 1.

 Charles I

"I have no financial problems so that is not an issue for me."

I could go 10k for a weekend at the cottage, w or w/o spouses.

Yusuf  Al-Misry

Carry on Sir..What you do is important to many..and above all to your country


“Yesterday I mentioned my frustration with the hasbarim and their successes in blacklisting on SST to see what the reaction would be. “

I missed that, where could I find it?

Apologies if it’s in plain sight somewhere on SST!



Mr. Lang,
I hope that you'll be with us for a long time. This blog and it's twin, 'The Ateneaeum', are a treasure.

The last week alone saw one brilliant thread (the Brenner piece "Modernism's Empty Empty Spaces") in a sea of quite interesting and educative ones.

To you and your guest authors - keep it up!



I am furious that Col. Lang is blacklisted by the slanderous actions of these these shadowy creeps, most especially since he has such wealth and depth of knowledge on Libya, which the media sorely needs right now.

It is so wrong and I am glad the Colonel is putting it on the record.


Col. Lang,

I consider the attacks upon you a badge of honor. Nothing upsets the Neocon Zionists more than someone who pokes holes in their worldview. You provide a much needed sounding board for those who oppose them. Keep up the fight!



Thanks for the link. "...left-wing groups..." yes, always the left wing, and of course, never about conduct of that nations policy, just "... efforts to delegitimize Israel and question its right to exist."

Well let's not forget the leaders on the right

".....One of Palin’s tour guides World Likud Chairman Danny Danon said Palin “really connected to the story of the Jewish nation.”..."According to The Jerusalem Post, Danon said “I can clearly say from the questions she asked in relation to our conflict here with the Muslims in these holy sites that she knows that we are right and that the Muslims are just claiming things for provocation and they’re not right.”..."

The Jpost link is within the ABCnews story.

I wonder what Reagan would say about the Gaza wall?


Apparenty, the propagandists haven't done a very good job. If they did, they would know you have been to Israel and that your last trip was enough to make you not want to go back.

Ingolf Eide

I didn't comment yesterday and should have, so make it 102.

Clifford Kiracofe

Leander pointed out this interesting document on another thread but germane on this thread:


The beaver


Religious Sarah had to turn around and couldn't visit Bethlehem. Her handlers didn't realise that they needed IDF permission to enter West Bank.


Pat - I am Jewish with a long association with Israel. My grandfather was Irgun and I had my bar mitzvah in Haifa in 1956. I am in Israel twice a year for the Holidays and all 37 of my relatives live in the settlements so I am in the West Bank most of my visit. I lived in Israel during the early 80's so I am one of those damned dual citizens.

I STRONGLY agree with your position and hope and pray you will continue to be an important voice on this issue.


being a foot dragging lurker, i wanted to post a germane link only to find beaver had 'dammed' beaten me to it !
but has'nt israel being doing this for some time (monitoring leftwing groups) ? what were all those 'art students' doing in the early part of the last decade ?



I found it interesting that Sarah keeps saying 'we' when she's a Pentacostal and not Jewish. Of course she's at least smart enough to know which side of the bread the butter is on. As to what's going on on the other side of the wall, that's another story.

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