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29 March 2011


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The Twisted Genius

Colonel Lang, you must scare the Hell out of those weasels.



Anyone who doesn't sufficiently love Israel, therefore hates it. There is nothing in between, and what Israel does or doesn't do doesn't matter either.

This utter intolerance towards dissent is something that apparently starts to characterise the Israeli domestic climate as well. They're going after domestic dissenters about as ruthlessly.

Do Israel's recent efforts to bolster security undermine its democracy?

DH is IMO quite right when he says that this will tragically backfire. I think that this attitude probably will be Israel's undoing, with tragic consequences, but since they don't listen to anyone it will probably be inevitable.

William R. Cumming

Exactly what are the Israeli efforts to support the continued role of MQ? Can Israli lobbyist and lobbying account for any of the US disarray on goals and objectives for Libya? Again an early comment of mine--who wins and how if MQ is knocked out?


Maybe MB is the Muslim Brotherhood?

Patrick Lang


I never wrote that. pl

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