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10 March 2011


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It being France, where the barricades are always a minute away from being occupied, and given the terrible problems of the Sarkozy government right now, this might be just the thing to get Sarko some positive press.

In other words, domestically, I think France can do something. Troops in Libya? Maybe not, except special forces, but planes? You betcha.

I would add the the parrot will not do more for almond than a French politician for the interests of Israel. So if smokin' Joe Liberman is some kind of indication of Israel's interests, then Sarko has just one more reason to shoot down Libyan jets. Too bad the Jewish population in Lebanon is so small.


Didn't a similar French action regarding the Balkans finally force Nato and the USA's hand on Kosovo?

The Twisted Genius

Thoughts of Rochambeau and de Grasse come to mind.

Patrick Lang


Exactement. pl

William R. Cumming

So was this self-intiated? How many nation-states have recognized the Libyan insurgents? Itally and France so far as far as I know. Do they also still recognize Libya and MQ's government. Would be of interest to know pricise details. My belief is this is a too late effort to try and posture for history books. Insurgents out of fuel and ammo shortly. Within the week. Hey does Israel still recognize MQ's government or did it ever?

Medicine Man

The French certainly have reason to want a friendly government in Libya. Maybe they will intervene.


Like the de Grasse Blockade at Yorktown?



At least the French HAVE a policy - as opposed to the frightening incompetence of the Obozo regime.


Of course, I knew nothing of de Grasse, a fact made particularly Gaulling by having read all the O'Brian novels gushing over the British Navy.

I wonder what would hold Sarko back? This has got La Gloire written all over it.


Looks like bad timing if the rebels are hoping to get some oil revenues. As Sidr is shut down anyway and Ghadaffi just retook Ras Lanuf.


With civil war tide turning against the rebels and clinton supposedly trying to connect with the rebels. Guess these guys just can't wait to get themselves stuck in the mud or sand for that matter!!!! you go girl!!

Clifford Kiracofe

And Lafayette, etal.

Glad to see a serious European power, France, finally taking this position. The threat to peace and regional stability is in their immediate neighborhood ("sphere of influence").

No doubt, Paris has placed the more faint hearted Euros in a quite a tizzy. Some may have thought they could slither out and get the Americans to do the heavy lifting for them.

Looking at the terrain along the coastal zone it seems rather flat and empty with some scrubby low shrub brush here and there.

Q's tanks and artillery would seem rather exposed in this environment. His aircraft and helicopters also would seem rather easy pickings.

A dandy (I know) turkey shoot...


A Libyan sunburn missile might send that carrier to the bottom of the Med



With 5 million Muslims living in France, there may be a significant local lobby pushing direct involvement by France. An active push for democracy in Libya may help diffuse some of the support for the radical Muslims in the nation.



Graywolf: "At least the French HAVE a policy - as opposed to the frightening incompetence of the Obozo regime."

What if projecting an air of incompetence IS the policy?

To put it another way, how can America possibly engage with Saudi Arabia in future, specifically the Saudi Monarchy, after demonstrating a willingness to topple absolute rulers and their families elsewhere?

Can you hear King Abdullah saying to Obama; "When is it my turn?" Diplomatic circumlocutions about "good" and "bad" absolutists will only take you so far.

To put it yet another way, a cynical writer once observed that you can pass just about any University political essay examination question by always attributing causation to one thing: "Trade".

Patrick Lang


Sounds like you would like that. pl



Maybe, but that would probably guarantee MQ being 6 feet under.


Reports are coming in that the Saudis opened fire on the Shiites today, are we going to intervene?

CP, guess what will go first if we decide to intervene?

PL, how did our intelligence agencies miss the mass movement spreading so far, so fast?

Will Reks

"At least the French HAVE a policy - as opposed to the frightening incompetence of the Obozo regime."

I am puzzling over this comment on a few levels. I assume you're referring to the democratically elected Obama. It can't be a regime if you don't control Congress or even the Supreme Court.

Now, since this is in essence a civil war why do we even need a policy? Before this outbreak of regime changes we had somewhat normalized relations with Libya and oil stability.

Oil stability is the only outcome that matters here as we cannot know whether a new government will be friendly to the US.

Second, you say that the administration has been "frighteningly incompetent" on the issue. How so? What is competent policy in your mind?

Is it better to be unilateral or multilateral with a response to the Libya issue? At least the Obama folks seem to be thinking of these factors.


And why not the French?
Why not support their effort?
Makes sense to me.

The Italians are in bed with Ghaddafi, UK has defunded its carriers, harriers and helicopters and so couldn't project a movie much less meaningful force. No one wants the Germans mucking about on their own. And the US Administration can't decide what to have for lunch much less support a civil war. The Russians, Chinese and Iranians wait for someone to make the first move.

European NATO partners have talked about being responsible for Africa while we lead in Afghanistan and Iraq more or less. Libya was in Africa last I checked.

The French backed the American colonies. We still remember.

It seems Libya presents itself.


OMG, French boys may end up dying instead of American!

How can Obama be so incompetent?

Cold War Zoomie

Funny, I was reading about the French Foreign Legion today and wondering to myself what they could do in Libya.

Hmmm, will it come to pass?

Patrick Lang


The French have a lot of capabilities if they want to use them. pl

Cold War Zoomie

"...how did our intelligence agencies miss the mass movement spreading so far, so fast?"

Jose, I realize you didn't address this question to me, but who says our intel agencies "missed" this?

Lots of reporting goes on all day, every day. It's up to the "consumers" what they do with it. We could have produced all sorts of accurate reports but no-one at the top of the food chain ever formulated a policy.

That's the way I see it in my little dark corner. Maybe COL Lang has a different view.

Patrick Lang


A good point. the intelligence guys don't make policy. the policy people often fail and then blame intelligence. pl

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