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03 March 2011


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Sidney O. Smith III

This text suggests, possibly, Alan Farrell. If true, then glad he is back and look forward to reading more.


If anybody wants to preview before buying, they are all on YouTube as well as Bondarchuk pere's, Battle of Neretva, They Fought for the Motherland, The Story of a Man, Battle of Borodino. The new Quiet Flows the Don is not.

The offspring threaten an intervention for my Russian movie habit.


at YouTube search on The Beast of War (Da Balah) for The Beast.

Roy G

Excellent review. That first paragraph is a howler!


You can't beat the old war movies where Trini Lopez died first. But the best modern movies have the same theme: will they have sex? and will we be able to see it? Wham bam thank you mam this must be love.

William R. Cumming

I guess the Ak-47 with bent barrell to shoot around corners? Joke!

Phil Giraldi

I think Bondarchuk did the seven hour long version of War and Peace back in the 1960s. Heavy going, but faithful to the book, and battle scenese that uses whole Soviet infantry divisions to stage. I recall the enormous infantry squares at Borodino.

Bryan Alexander

Nice review. We just recently watched it, and agree. That matches scene was superb ("Haram! HARAM!").

There's definitely a double vision feel in certain scenes. The hilltop battle, for example, or the intelligence officer's briefing.

(Crossing a bridge in Edinburgh last summer, a tour guide pointed out a sad monument to the British wars in Afghan. Quietly, he observed that American visitors were now in a better position to understand the memorial. Put another way, what's the first thing Holmes says to Watson?)

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