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14 February 2011


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Could it simply be that the military council recognizes that by itself, it can't rule for the long term, but by sharing some power with the MB, both may be able to freeze out the protesters ? If so, perhaps also the military council thinks that with time it could then dominate. In any case, thank you for some very interesting essays.

Peter Principle

If there is a deal it will be rather about their position towards the council. this could be an ominous development not because they will be recognized but because of the big question of why the military council negotiated and signed a deal.

One guesses that the Saudis are telling everyone who will listen - not least the Islamophobes in Washington and Tel Aviv - that THESE are fundamentalists we can work with.

After all, they (and we AND the Egyptian regime) have done so in the past, when it suited everyone's disparate needs.

So what's a few disagreements over the status of women and Copts between old partners?

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