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22 February 2011


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There are those who look at the money trails that tend to be both before and the after the facts regarding the 'revolutions' we're seeing in the Mideast, and to them the money trail leads to the banking family Rothschilds. And that the Rothschilds feared 'competition' from Islamic Banks sprouting up all over the place. They may have a point, as money/money motives drives most things globally these days.

Rothschild Revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt Kill Islamic Banks | Puppetworld Post

William R. Cumming

So your conclusion is that Egypt since Nasser was a military dictatorship?
Is it not still one?

Yusuf  Al-Misry

Islamic Banks will not be canceled in Egypt or Tunisia. They play a role in financing the Muslem Brotherhood.(check the ties between Al Baraka Bank and the International MB). They charge interest contrary to what seems to be common - and wrong - assumption. They call it "Murabaha" which means in Arabis sharing the profits. As for the Rothschilds, they put Egypt in the 19th century in a position where British and French ministers were forced as members of the Egyptian government to guarantee the repayment of debts. That ended with the British occupation of Egypt in 1882. Unfortunately, I do not have anything to say about your assumption that the "competition" between the Islamic banks and the Rothschilds is the cause of what we see. Are you sure there is ant competition at all?. Many in the senior levels of management in Isalamic banks in the Persian Gulf came from banks in England. Take a look at the profiles of the management and skip the Arab names because they are just a decoration. It is funny that British bankers apply Islamic regulations.

Yusuf  Al-Misry

Mr. Cumming. This is exactly my conclusion. The juntas were - and are - ruling Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Algeria, Sudan and maybe I forgot one or two. They changed faces and used some unimpressive decorative items, but in essence it was and is a military rule like the one in trouble now in Libya. They seem to be unable to understand that they hane nothing to offer now but brutality and corruption. There mission was over sometime ago.

Yusuf  Al-Misry

As for the military rule currently in Egypt, I said what I think before. That they understand that it is time for a "Turkish model". I believe they are working towards that specific end.

William R. Cumming

Thanks Yusuf and also my conclusion.

Paul Hartvigson, Denmark

Even if we might not be able to fathom what's going on inb the Middle East in out terms, there are millions of Arabian-Americans and Arabian-Europeans, who'll be influenced by whats going on. Especially in Europe there has been a strong current of distrusting and maligning Mid Eastern immigrants due to a rhetoric of clash of civilization and old style xenophobia. But these immigrants also are having to act within our political framework. This will be significant.



Looking forward to the other parts. This is informative and appreciated.


J - re: Rothchild Revolutions - any document that lists Eustice Mullin's Secrets of the Federal Reserve as a source is of doubtful value.

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