19 February 2011


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Arun wrote:
"The glamor of Pakistan and the blinders of the Two Nation Theory have fallen off India's large Islamic population."

This is true. Pakistan has had little or no credibility among India's Muslims for quite a while, for a number of reasons (discrimination and violence against Urdu speakers, the split with Bangladesh, etc)

That said, William R. Cumming also mentioned the communists in the countryside (the Naxalites). These are a huge problem for India, and are not much discussed.

FB Ali


I find your knowledge of these murky matters very reassuring: I know you will set me right if I misunderstand or misstate something in these areas, of which I do not know much.


I am planning to write another post on the subject soon, and hope the issue you raise will get answered there. As for your specific question: the next hearing of his murder trial will take place on March 3 before the criminal court. A hearing will be held on the immunity issue in the Lahore High Court on March 17.

William R. Cumming

Thanks General Ali!

Sometime perhaps you could write about the interests and links between China and Pakistan primarily focusing on military links?
This probably sounds stupid but wondering exactly how China is playing the "Great Game" generally and wondering if some open source material covers that aspect of their diplomacy. It does appear that most of the headwaters of major rivers in the Himalya Mountains are Chinese objectives. Interesting long term strategy if accurate. Also I hear almost nothing even from my internation disaster expert friends on the aftermath of the huge flooding in Pakistan and wondering if that is continuing to impact domestic Pakistani politics in any way?

The Twisted Genius

Brigadier Ali,

Thanks for your confidence. My knowledge is limited and dated, but I will share what I can. I look forward to your next post. This story is of great interest to me, especially with the latest reports of many Americans with diplomatic immunity either leaving the country or going to ground.

I also share Mr. Cumming's curiosity about links between China and Pakistan and the aftermath of last year's devastating floods.

FB Ali


I'm afraid I know very little about the links between China and Pakistan. Both sides vow 'deep and eternal friendship' for each other, but that is the usual PR. Nevertheless, China does provide a lot of assistance, especially to the military. Governmental relations appear to have cooled off somewhat during Zardari's tenure.

The aftermath of the floods is the usual story. Once the news is off the front pages, the victims are left to largely fend for themselves. NGOs, many with foreign assistance, including from the US, are doing what they can, but it is a relatively meagre effort compared to the needs. The people manage and survive, as they have been doing for centuries.

William R. Cumming

MSM reporting Admiral Mullen and General Petraeus met with high Pakistani officials in Quatar (sic) /Central Command and the Pakistani's offered up DAVIS in return for the female convicted as AQ now serving time in US. At least one version has the US declining to swap.

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