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28 February 2011


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As a no-fly zone will be difficult to implement, given the supply and logistics difficulties, how complicated would it be to insert a few Arabic speaking Green Beret and SAS teams armed with Stingers, positioned in key towns, or along supply convoys, with the consent and collaboration of the resistance of course?

Would that not give a double incentive to desert to any Libian pilot not to even take off after a few of their comrades are shot down? There are more ways than one to skin a cat, no?

As it appears, from Al Jazeera reportage, even a few ill aimed shots from old Russian anti aircraft guns were enough to turn away Government helicopters over some key towns. Obviously, there is not much enthusiasm to bomb anything on the side of the Libian Air Force. The resistance need one small nudge to move into Tripoli, but their only fear is travelling long distances exposed to aircraft on open ground in order to mass any kind of force around Tripoli.


"world opinion is with you". Famous last words.


According to the Pakistan Observer the US, GB and France have special forces in Libya training the resistance.


Sometimes secrecy is best.

R Whitman

Within the next 10 years every country from Morocco in the west to Pakistan in the East will probably sustain an abrupt change in their government (revolution??). What we Americans do now in Libya sets a precedent for the next decade.

Remember, the "no fly zone" we set up in Iraq lasted 12 years. Are we prepared for 12 years in Libya??


While I have no military experience, I was interested in the reference to Popski's Private Army and found these links.




Clifford Kiracofe

"WHO is preparing for the possibility of a worsening humanitarian crisis. The Regional Director has taken up negotiations with the Egyptian authorities for a humanitarian health corridor at the Saloum border in Egypt. Staff from WHO's Regional Office in Cairo joined by Egypt WHO Country Office team are participating in an inter-agency assessment mission that is evaluating the situation in Saloum. Staff from the WHO Mediterranean Centre in Tunis have been seconded to the WHO country office in Tunisia. WHO Country Office in Egypt is working closely with partners especially Ministry of Health, Egyptian Red Crescent Society, Egyptian Medical Syndicate and Arab Medical Syndicate. WHO headquarters has deployed several staff to support operations in its Regional Office in Cairo, and has placed its staff on standby for urgent deployment. Other WHO Regional Offices are on standby to provide additional support.

The first WHO medical supplies already have reached Benghazi and there is direct contact with health professionals there. WHO has urgently dispatched additional supplies including surgical supply kits and trauma kits from stocks in Norway and the UN Humanitarian Response Depot in Brindisi, Italy. These supplies are expected to reach the border in Saloum early next week." http://www.who.int/hac/crises/lby/26february2011/en/index.html


Popski's Private Army?

I'm a bit more concerned about Eric Prince's.

different clue

This post was written with such clear immediacy that I found myself responding: me? Not me. I'm too middle-aged, too fat, and too civilian to go to Libya and fight for freedom. I am also too afraid of danger to go seek it out. So if not me; then who, how, and with what?

Since defecting diplomats and rebel spokesfolk have said "no American soldiers please" then we should honor their request and send no soldiers. If they secretly mean: "send secret soldiers but only if you can keep it a secret" , then the right people can make the right decision and do it the right way in secret.

Since they have asked for a no fly zone, we could very well do that the way they want it done, if it is not too late now. The rebel forces could recieve arms and supplies and ammunition across the Egyptian border. The Egyptian Army could facilitate the process. The Gulf States and Kingdoms
could spare significant amounts of useful things from their military stockpiles. Perhaps Israel could be leaned on to quietly give us some of the wonderful materiel in their care to repaint with whatever Arabic writing is appropriate and then send to Libya.

This would all have to be done fast enough to beat the deadline of a UNSC Resolution designed to embargo arms to both sides in a way oh-so-even-handed.

Charles I

jonst, it is ignored when they please anyway, so carpe diem. I just want to bit of air to ground.

As for precedent-setting concerns, nations have interests, hopefully divined according to circunstances rather than precedent.

Now please Inscutable Host, what is DOL, in my former life it was Date of Loss?.

Will Reks you seem to know, please scratch my itch, it didn't google. . .


Poor guy:
Division of Labor?

Medicine Man

De Oppresso Liber

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