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24 February 2011


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William R. Cumming

Well PL you just get better and better. Just sell out and start your own network. Substance, substance, substance. Just so refreshing to me. Of course I have no TV connected to outside world.
So here goes my analysis since you answered some questions I ask you and others on the blog.
1. US and EU air assets that might be brought to bear on Libyan situation non-existent. We do know no Carrier group operating in the MED right now. Hey we only have had almost a month to understand something vast going on. The latter my editorial comment not yours.
2. The Egyptian Army could potential intervene in Libya on the side of the insurgents. They do have the capability to do so.
3. In Baharain US is pushing for more cooperation betweeen rulihg Sunni King and his majority Shia population.
4. Looks like a much longer term problem and not just a virus that is sweeping rapidly through the area and will soon be gone.
There were other wonderful points you made but these stuck with me of great significance.
5. Oh yes perhaps the last that MQ is a really tough guy, essentially a thug, who overthrew a kingdom as a junior officer, and will stop at nothing to reman in power. And don't necessarily bet against him given what you know.

Hoping I have hit the high points and perhaps if missed something you might be willing to fill in the gaps. I did listen to the first 18 minutes before your segment because of interest in that subject also.
Personally I would like to know the flag ranks that denied you a STAR because that officer promotion board clearly missed the boat except perhaps that INTEL seems to always be undervalued by the Infantry, Armor, Artillery Branches. I thought the Flag ranks were supposed to be Branch immaterial anyway?
If you get a chance and no rush do we know anything significant about your interviewer as he seems pretty effective to me?

Clifford Kiracofe

The evacuation of US citizens is of concern. Many countries have ongoing efforts -- Euros, Turks, etc. -- but what about US? Saw somewhere that about 600 or so US citizens were there.

Clifford Kiracofe

Data has been very sketchy on resistance military activity other than reports of military, security, and police elements defecting to opposition.

One recent report did indicate that am armed resistance network was being established in various towns across country. This was refreshing after all the reporting on "peaceful protesters" being done in by the assorted evildoers.

This NPR report is interesting as it relates to opposition military ops:

"In a bustling complex that is the center of the rebel military operations in Benghazi, a senior member of a newly formed military council says that small groups of rebel soldiers have been dispatched to infiltrate the capital. The roads to Tripoli from the east are still largely controlled by pro-Gadhafi forces, he says, and small bands of soldiers attract less attention.

Col. Tarek Saad Hussein says the aim is to take Tripoli. But the obstacle right now is the city of Sirte, Gadhafi's hometown about halfway from Benghazi to the capital. It's heavily reinforced, he says.

The rebels also are trying to pinpoint Gadhafi's location. Hussein says they have information that he is moving from house to house.

In a phone interview from the town of Tobruk, west of Benghazi, another defector from Gadhafi's army, Gen. Suleiman Mahmoud, says that the rebel aim is to bolster beleaguered pro-democracy forces in Tripoli. He said hundreds of young men are volunteering to go fight there.

What's not clear is how unified the fractured military command is, and what kind of effective fighting force can be assembled. Tarek and Mahmoud, for example, are not coordinating their efforts."...

Clifford Kiracofe

Opposition has been able to establish control over Tobruk radio broadcasting:

"Tobruk's Radio Free Libya was among the first three stations in the country to offer uncensored updates on the revolt against Gadhafi's regime, which still controls the capital, Tripoli, and most of the western part of this restive North African nation.

"Once supervised by in-house intelligence agents who had the final say over every program, the radio station is now the mouthpiece of anti-government rebels who have few other conduits to the masses because the old state-run newspapers have stopped publishing, and the regime has shut down the Internet and most cell-phone service throughout the country."


WABC has got the wrong guy hosting the show. Maybe they should consider Pat as a co-host?? That would then be truly a kick ass show...

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