23 February 2011


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Paul Escobar

To all,

I sense that Mr. Lang & Mr. Johnson view this as a tribal war?

If so, can anyone expand on that & briefly outline the key sides?

Thank you ahead of time.

Clifford Kiracofe

The mercenary issue is interesting. Where are they from? Who is organizing them and transporting them to Libya?

So far, online data indicates 4 countries and two languages spoken: Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Guinea. French, English.

But there is a new video reflecting the capture of some 200 by Free Libyan forces. They are being accorded lawyers and safe confinement at the moment.

Movement of unknown number of mercenaries on unknown number of sequential flights of two Airbuses reported coming up from south of Libya.

This group is black African. The following video gives some insight. Someone familiar with the passport colors and markings can perhaps edify us.

Video on Youtube is at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2gKQ9TxS7A


Data seems to indicate the tribes in the east control their area now, the key tribes in the south, and west seem to have joined the opposition. Thus, the tribal basis (other than his own tribe) of Q's "support" has in the main been withdrawn, apparently.

Army, Navy, and AF breaking up and defecting to opposition reportedly. Some police refusing to fire on people and some defecting to opposition.

Q's best alternative is to commit suicide, IMO. Alternatively, one might expect someone to put a few rounds in him, poison him, or whatever...he's in his bunker like that diminutive Austrian guy with the mustache was.

Paul Escobar

Thanks for the breakdown Mr. Kiracofe.

I hesitate to follow this thing too closely through the media, since most info seems to come via unsubstantiated Twitter declarations.

Reminds me of the situation we had, post-election Iran.

Charles I

A couple of planes sent to bomb Benghazi were reported crashed when pilots ejected rather than complete the runs over the city proper and carry out orders. whether from sympathy or from fear of captured anti air is not clear, effect's the same I guess.

You'd think some worm'd turn, somebody'd shoot him soon enough.

Same question I had forEgypt: How long for supportive regime rats to arrange safe passage and banking before total chaos - or decisive revolutionary victory - precludes a comfy retirement?

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