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04 February 2011


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Charles I

I credit Charlie Rose for making some of Adam Silverman's points to rebut Kissinger's talking points, making him repeat the line. Nice use of the skeptical rising inflection. No need for shouting, the point made: Say Whaaat?


"Let us not let the Zionists make fools of us in their pursuit of absolute security."

What a clear and yet profound statement Colonel! I can only agree, but at the same time, given the level of manipulation that seemingly pervades our discourse, how are we as a nation, as a political community, to see fit to identify our own political interests? Such a simple thing, yet so difficult in practice!

On various occasions I have taken the insights I have gained here and attempted to expand them further on the blog I share with others of like mind. We are all very much indebted to you sir as both a mentor and a source of inspiration. Whatever the outcome of this, there are legion out here that do hear and understand.


Col Lang et al,

At this point, how would you assess the situation of the anti-Mubarak protesters? Do you think Mubarak can still hang on after all this work?

Thank You


The Zionists (and for that matter the rest of the citizens of Israel) may be looking for 'absolute security'. I don't think it is to be found by the approach currently popular in Israel.


Facts have never mattered to Matthews. His infirmities go beyond his professional upbringing in a hasbara-saturated world. Simply, he was never blessed with a mind capable of engaging the world with a critical view.

One could say he's been brainwashed, but the antecedent would require a brain.


Actually I think it more accurate to say that Israeli political warfare entities believe that Muslims must be portrayed as goblins in the night in order to mobilize world opinion against them, so that they forced to join Israel's sacred war against them.

Likud politicians are fond of casting this in terms the battle against Amalek. As the Jewish Encyclopedia put it, "David waged a sacred war of extermination against the Amalekites," who may have subsequently disappeared from history.

Such imagery begs the question of Israel's real intentions--to render their enemy harmless or to commit something far more sinister, along the lines of genocide.

William R. Cumming

Eventually a Chris Matthews guest will result in Chris' apoplexy and a stroke.

Since he is unwilling to listen why do those who have something to say sign up for his show?

And why would the Israeli government want to pin their hopes on an 82 year old leader and his key aid with 4 heart attacks and reportedly feeling unwell? Israeli foreign policy is as deluded as US! By the way again how many Israelis are fluent in Arabic?


Good, clear post.

 Christopher Hinn

If the Muslim Brotherhood are devoted to its Qur'an and Sunnah and its teachings are that of peace and love, unity and prosperity this would not have happened. The unrest in Egypt is politically induced and some muslim brothers are not satisfied with what is going on in the government. They want change in its system.


"...their pursuit of absolute security."

Ouch. Calling Dr. Strangelove...

I'm curious about the evolution of the US MSM into a near-monolithic hasbara-horn.

Fox & the associated outlets make sense as the bastard brain-children of the evil genius Murdoch.

I suspect the relatively civilized & balanced pro-Israel tilt of PBS is rooted in two phenomena:(historically liberal?) American Jews "punching over their weight" on staff & as donors. (See also Democratic Party).

But the whole landscape between these "extremes" produces noise tilted the same way. How & why?

The traditional networks must be publicly owned, so they couldn't be driven by a Murdoch-figure. CNN was Ted Turner's baby, but he sold it long ago - to whom?

A depressing portion of the talking heads are obvious zionists, but they just talk. Have they convinced everybody else in the business by the power of their mighty pens? Nah.

Are the Matthew-types selected - by some "cabal" of zionist managers? (yes, I'm being semi-silly as usual). Or is it a process of personal evolution, whereby a pro-Israeli world-view becomes the norm for "journalists" as they go through school & life?

I presume it's a bit of both - mostly soft socialization, plus the occasional mangerial hint as to which side of the bread (matzoh? pita?) is buttered.

Any decent academic analysis of this phenomenon out there?

Or is it just God's (George) Will?

Patrick Lang

Christopher Hinn

The MB are Islamists. If they had their way they would make a sharia law state. Let's see if they can do it democratically and what Sharia would be in that state. pl


Listening to NPR this afternoon, they were interviewing Israelis about the situation in Egypt and I thought, well, how damn dumb is this.

As an earlier commenter mentioned, these young Israelis are pinning their hopes on an old man in Egypt?

And what does Israel have to do with Egypt? Israel needs to grow up and make nice with the neighborhood it finds itself in.

Clifford Kiracofe

1. Excellent. I am not a regional specialist but all one sees on most of the US MSM (which is owned by pro-Israel interests) is a raft of sleazy pro-Israel pundit-propagandist-entertainers.

I have been watching al Jazeera and other foreign media to follow developments in Egypt.

Why would anyone bother with American media in the age of the Internet?

2. My students at W&L are not allowed to use any US media in their term papers regarding international affairs. I tell them that my classes are not concerned with US journalism and they need to become familiar with foreign media sources for collection and analysis.

3. The MB has about 100,000 members some estimate. There are 85 million Egyptians. About ten percent of Egypt is Coptic Christian.

A sharia law state? Can someone tell me just where sharia law is codified into one unified system? Or could someone explain the 4 major Sunni schools and the Shia Jafari school.

Could someone clarify the forms of Sufism in Egypt? Other sources of spirituality? Could someone specify any political leanings of these forms? Would someone care to explain just how Wahhabism fits into Eyptian culture? And just what about that MB relationship with the Wahhabi complex reaching back to the 1930s?

4. Back after Independence, over 2 centuries ago, among our earliest diplomatic and commercial relationships were: Morocco and Tunisia. Both were certainly more "Islamic" in that day than today. Didn't seem to bother Americans back then. So how has American culture become so distorted in recent years? Is it the pro-Israel media, Hollywood, etc.???

Only from 1948, it seems, did the malevolent influence of international Zionism and its lobby here impact on our foreign relations.

We can keep our powder dry with respect to terrorists. But it is certainly time for an "agonizing reappraisal" of our mutual suicide pact with that rotting albatross Israel.

robt willmann

In two vague sentences of unknown accuracy, this article claims that a member of the Israeli Sayeret Matkal was arrested in Egypt yesterday (Thursday).



I can agree, for the most part. I would also add, however, that the MB is probably the biggest Muslim organization in the world, and has allot of elite clout. The MB has worked very closely with the powers that be, and will surely represent the same 'ole same 'ole if they have anything to do with, or have any leverage with regard to who gets to be future Egyptian leaders. Nothing good can come out of the MB/USA deciding who gets to be the next dictator...it has to be up to the Egyptian people, and ONLY the Egyptian people, or they will just keep getting the same thing they've always had, or worse!


thanks for your measured insight. i've had to do an awful lot of reading and cross-referencing to keep up !
a question, sir. we know that sunnis and shia have been known to co-operate in iraq and af-pak theatres in order to attack coalition forces. can you ever see a situation in which there could be a political (though expedient) fusion of sunni and shia ? say hizbullah and the MB ? or is that flatly impossible ? (not wishing to fall into the israeli info-op trap). eg, the alliance could be in terms of a foreign policy to counter US/israeli/western influence in the region.....

Bob Bernard

Do you think the attack on the gas pipeline was a false flag effort by the Israeli's?

I am reminded of "Operation Canned Goods." that the Germans used to initiate WWII.

The beaver


Why did Bibi make this announcement yesterday?


Got A Watch

"...in their pursuit of absolute security"

I think there is a typo there, it should read "...in their pursuit of absolute insecurity".

As over the long term, Israeli policies are most likely to bring about results exactly counter to their stated goals. By refusing to behave like adults, they will in the end, bring about everything they tried so hard to prevent. That's called strategic failure, if you ask me.

Any student of history can easily see that 1 nation or Kingdom or Empire cannot maintain absolute military superiority forever over it's neighbors. So relying on aggression and fear for "security" ensures that eventually you won't have any of it.

The legacy of all those years of aggressive unilateral "we do whatever we want without regard to consequences" policies is that it only increases the hatred and determination of those opposed. So that when the opposition eventually rises, as the former dominant power declines, the power balance reverses.

Call it 'reversion to the mean' of history. Or, "live by the sword, die by the sword". What goes around, comes around. Many cliches to describe what common sense suggests.

Egypt today is a textbook case of all this. Israel influenced the USA to heavily support Mubaruk, who oppressed his own people for 30 years, in furtherance of those counter-intuitive policies. Now, the inevitable blowback has finally arrived, Mubarak will be gone, and all his policies will be reversed, maybe massively reversed.

Israel will be forced to re-align it's military forces and strategy against a potential 2-front threat, in a time of global financial crisis, the worst possible time to afford greater military expenditures. What they thought to be more "pressing issues", like Lebanon and Hezbollah, or Syria, or Iran, are forced to the back burner, and their entire geo-political "strategy" of the last 40 years is in danger of total failure.

Supporting dictators for short term ends, leads to negative results for the long term, as their regimes always fail. Nothing new there, except to Israeli and Western decision makers, apparently.

The internet 'information age' just makes it more likely today, and when it does reach a tipping point, it happens faster.

The total failure of most "Western strategies" is pretty much assured now, for all these reasons. I submit the Iraq file as proof, if anyone really needs any.


Bernard, your IDS is showing. Yes, let's see Egypt become Islamist so we have another example of what not to promote. Good thinking....

Hamas and Hizb'Allah have already struck a prison in Sinai and freed MB and HIzb'Allah prisoners. What? I don't hear any cheers here....


as a follow on to my post above.


Elkern, Jackie -
It is disgusting - how MSM are fully in charge of the message - and NPR is a bad offender in spreading hasbara propaganda; however, they make occasional 'booboo' by inviting an expert from Saban Center who is actually talking some positive things about MB - as it happened recently. They think that Saban expert is 'safe bet'.
what is particularly offending is the profesed patriotism of all of them, and yet there is double floor to that patriotism.

Clifford Kiracofe

Try this:

"“The Israelis are saying, après Mubarak, le deluge,” said Daniel Levy, a former Israeli peace negotiator. And that, in turn, Mr. Levy said, “gets to the core of what is the American interest in this. It’s Israel. It’s not worry about whether the Egyptians are going to close down the Suez Canal, or even the narrower terror issue. It really can be distilled down to one thing, and that’s Israel.”

We will have to follow very very closely the moves of international Zionism and its pro-Israel Lobby in the US.

One would expect the FBI and various elements of the IC to be keeping tabs.

The AIPAC crowd is an important indicator but the more powerful organization, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, needs special attention.

American gentiles concerned about the future of this Republic and its external relations should become informed about the pro-Israel Lobby to include the array of Christian Zionist sects and lobby organizations.

We are at a major point of change/inflection in the Middle East region and, some would argue, there are existential issues for patriotic American gentiles here.

Increasing vigilance with respect to the pro-Israel Lobby and related internal security issues is justified.


Let's remember: Mubarak is old, in his 80's. And in poor health. No one can plausibly argue the need for 'keeping' Mubarak. He will be leaving soon. One way or the other.

This is all an elaborate blame game. The various factions are setting up media narratives to gain standing and traction for their goals in a post-Mubarak Middle East.

Try this one on: "Now that Obama lost Egypt, America needs to give even more diplomatic and monetary support to Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East!"

Not to mention Sarah Palin types who can use that narrative as a shovel against Democrats.


Old and leaving soon? That's what was said about Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd. Age is not the reason he's being moved out.


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