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26 February 2011


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William R. Cumming

SMOKE! All in Washington seem to be looking for successful doctrines and policies that could guide military force or interventions prospectively. The "Powel Doctrine" for example or the short hand "if you break it you own it"!
The problem is that military "science" is a complex and difficult discipline that even thoughs with a lifetime of engagement don't understand. I make no pretension of having expertise except that I probably could still lay a firing battery with sticks and would not need a computer. And could hand compute "mask" without a computer. I would be slower of course.
But in reality the nation is woefully short of first class minds in almost all disciplines, certainly politics is a good example. I would argue that making money using business plans that are based on fleecing the "sheeple" for example are not an example of genius but of fraud and corruption. So where are the Mahans or the Liddell Harts or the Hackworths at a more practical level? No something is strangely wrong with the strategic view of the current military leadership or officer ops. And the total ignorance of a generation of politicians that sees National Security and defense only as an economic strategy or method by which campaign contributions can be garnished from contractors is a major part of the problem. A Sam Nunn opposed Desert Shield and Storm ending his Senate career. Lincoln opposed the Mexican War ending his Congressional career. Obviously it is very important that reasons pro or con use of force be articulated in detail and with a MSM and political leadership that wants to take sides and not lead this is what you get? A US that is large powerless to employ power with wisdom and effect. This does not preclude other nation-states from doing so. Always remember GATES survived the bureacracy by being a careerist in the worst sense--NO issue was ever worth his resigning over in protest based on his convictions. A true mark of the man.

Clifford Kiracofe

Pat Buchanan opines:

"U.S. policy should be to tell Europe, Asia, Africa and the Mideast: Your defense is first and foremost your responsibility. You police your own neighborhood. And if there is something you can’t handle, give us a call. We may be able to help. Then again, we may not.

Robert Gates may just have started a long-overdue debate."

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