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16 February 2011


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Sean Paul Kelley

What's the twitter address?

Charles I

Eek. Hope it all works out.

Annie Burns

In spite of offering advice to the contrary...I just clicked "Request to Join".

patrick lang



I am new to this. pl


Please don't let the comments get to you too much.

The beaver


Now you will be hooked on Twitter :-)

Daniel Gackle

Colonel Lang: your taste for concision is a good fit for Twitter. Perhaps you will find it a suitable medium for more than just links to posts.

Clifford Kiracofe

I use Twitter and have noted it boosts my blog readership and the diversity of the audience globally. I do not allow comments in my blog and thus have no issues with respect to taking inordinate time to edit comments.

It is useful for leads in following issues of interest.


Two ideas that are not about social media:

1) a post on the appointment of Marc Grossman as the replacement for Holbrooke, even after the AmCon piece on Sibel Edmonds' accusations against him

2) the recently revealed schemes to use electronic security firms to attack and harass WikiLeaks supporters; could someone do that to bloggers who don't accept the establishment positions on issues like Israel?


I'll bet lunch six months from now you regret the decision.



Why did you decide to do it, may I ask?

What do you think will be gained? I have no knowledge regarding facebook or twitter, other than they are 'security nightmares' .

patrick lang


An experiment. pl


Hummm....the experiment could be interesting.
You will no doubt attract a lot of followers.
Are you thinking of it as a tool or gauge of opinion on certain issues?
Prepare to be quoted even more....it's wild out there.


For some reason this comes to mind.



lead & i will "follow."

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