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12 February 2011


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William R. Cumming

A great CV and lucky SST to have him help US understand events and policies. We (US) need all the help we can get. Although I am sure our host and individuals like Dr. Brenner have forgotten more than some of US will ever know or pretend to know.
Thanks PL for bringing on such distinguished help. I am sure they would not be interested in doing so without knowing you and your background. nleprinnKls n



Thanks for posting this impressive bio of Dr. Brenner.

It's helpful in evaluating what an author writes, to know of his or her credentials, background and experience.


Sidney O. Smith III

Could not help but notice that the good professor’s cv references the following work: “Narcissistic Public Personalities & Our Times”

That title should get Walrus’ mojo arisin’.

But didn’t the DSM crowd just adjudicate that is is “ok’ to be narcissistic? Don’t believe them? Well…just go ask Dr. Alice, when she is ten feet tall.

Speaking of which and since psychology is deemed by many as religion, is Dr. Alice an example of Jung’s Terrible Mother Complex?

Paddy Cheyevsky appears to have been one of the first in the American cultural scene to depict the “Terrible Mother Complex’ in his prophetic work, “Network”. Diane Christensen was her name -- the archetypal television producer. Makes one wonder if television news is now Jung’s “Terrible Mother” complex” writ large.

Makes one long for the days when Dr. Robert Coles was seen as a great example of a psychiatrist. But that DSM crowd didn’t care for him either.


Was Freud a narcissist or just a good old fahioned authoritarian figure? Was his consciousness just a reflection of his penis?

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