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18 February 2011


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I hope they know where it is..... You know small country sits off the Indian Ocean.....



like this?



Bahrain is Irānzamīn. (Just teasin' Colonel)

Charles I

Thank you.

The beaver

Scuttlebutt: Looks like they are using live ammo ( according to UPI) and some doctors are saying that some patients are showing signs of organophosphate poisoning ( twitter)


It's OR-ih-guhn, not OR-a-gone.

Patrick Lang


"ball" ammunition (if you mean bullets)Anything that fires is "live." pl

William R. Cumming

Apologies! I just misspelled it as BAHARAIN in a comment.

Maybe easier when it is just called part of Iran?
PL! Is this a sectarian civil war?
Not democracy as root cause?

Allen Thomson

showing signs of organophosphate poisoning

Eh? If it's military organophosphate poison, aka nerve gas, "signs" would most likely mean "death."

The beaver

@ Allen Thompson

That's what I am trying to confirm. This was from a twitter message from someone in Bahrain and then the communications went dead - everything is getting blocked

different clue

I remember reading that in pre-overthrow Iran, the death of a protester would be regarded as a martyrdom and large numbers would come to the funeral and various observances. The Shah forces would meet these funerals and demonstrations with more killings whose resultant martyrs would be observed with huger funerals and demonstrations. It seemed almost like the social equivalent of light being reflected and amplified back and forth inside a laser device to emerge in due course as a beam of laser light.

Are the Bahraini authorities thoughtlessly playing their part in starting such a protest-amplification dynamic right there in Bahrain? If so, can they be convinced to step back early and rethink how to contain and handle the protests without further deaths and martyrs?


Thank you for the correction, I always thought it was pronounce, Baja-Ain't...lol


Is the CIA fact book correct in that the population is roughly 1 million (about the size of Detroit) and that 44% of the working age population are foreigners?


only the FIRST Arabic language prof at West Point would care enough to point this out.....

Thank you Colonel....


Different Clue

This is exactly correct.
In Shia Islam, 40 days from the date of loss (death), family and friends gather to commemorate the passing.

In 1978/79 Iran, this practice was always going to be followed, ensuring a ever growing cycle of demonstration and ultimately, Revolution....

Charles I

BBC world news reported that most/all of the security are foreign "mercenaries", ergo not as inhibited as natives might be w/r/t firing on the crowd. I just heard some pundit unknown to me muse that the Saudis might've been on the phone urging decisive counter-revolution.

Seems like monarchies always end up with a foreign family ruling a local majority with foreign arms. They're all gonna blow now, next year, next door.

Any one if Bahrain has the same youth demographic weighting, does it matter ina million pop?

The beaver

Charles I

that's the best data available:

The world bank data were too long to come up.

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