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19 February 2011


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William R. Cumming

Wll the British Navy departed in 1971 and US been involved since they. Locating a strategic base in any kingdom, and in particular where the KING is a Sunni and the majority of the Bahrains are Shia seems to be the typical forward thinking of the decendants of Albert Thayer Mahan. Also IRAN claims this Island but apparently modified its claim as long as Egypt gives passage to any Iranian Warship through the SUEZ. FREEDOM of the SEAS?

Patrick Lang


To call NSA Bahrain "a strategic base" is stretching things a bit. pl

Allen Thomson

As far as I know, there's still a NIOC (formerly NSGA) SIGINT station there, which should be moderately useful for listening to Iran and other places in the vicinity.

William R. Cumming

Would it be strategic if held by IRAN?

R Whitman

I have heard that $550 million has been allocated for military construction in the Persian(Arabian) Gulf area by the USA.

If this is true, where is the money going??

Patrick Lang


In re NSA Bahrain, No. pl


Whitman -- there is a 5 year upgrade/expansion of port facilities costing about that much that started last April in Bahrain. There are press releases stating how the money is being spent from about that time. From memory, about 20% to be spent locally, the rest to be recycled into US contractors.

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