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20 January 2011


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It's okay, gentiles can be lied to!


Good grief.

For the Israelis to even make that statement amounts to saying 2+2=5. I doubt if anyone in the US of any political persuasion believes that, from the man in the street up to any center of power.

Why would they even make such a foolish statement?

William R. Cumming

Well an interesting contradiction between reality and spin. What I would like to know was the FBI effort self-initiated or mandated by Main DOJ? And why did it fritter away? Was there a intervention by DOJ in FBI to end investigation?


Confirmed that they lie. They also make attempts to get at American stuff via allies like Australia.


Again I pose the question, 'how many' Mossad killer 'Caesarea' persona's are now 'sleeping' in our nation's capital, along with every other major U.S. city where their Consulates and Trade Shops are found? Why does DOJ hide their face from nefarious Mossad operations taking place on U.S. soil? It's because to do such is a 'career killer' at DOJ, hence DOJ is nothing more than 'eunuchs' or more to the point castrated fools hastening our nation's fall all because Israel is intentionally drying up the U.S. for their personal objectives much as one does to a grape when making raisins.

Augustin L

James Zogby report on our new congress and why it appears that the vast majority of them are Israel-firsters and rabid advocates of the "clash of civilizations".

The Arab-American Institute (chaired by James Zogby) published a report providing insight into the new leaders who have taken control of the House of Representatives. The majority would appear to be Israel-firsters and rabid advocates of the "clash of civilizations". Thus, we are witnessing a radicalization of Congress reminiscent of what occurred in 1995 and which led to the remilitarization of the United States and the Kosovo war.


Analysis of Select New Leadership of the 112th Congress, Arab-American Institute (12 p, 205 Ko).



By these individuals calling for Pollard's release, don't they now share in the spilled blood that drips from Pollard's murderous hands? All those who were murdered that were working on behalf of the U.S., is not their blood now transferred to these 'supporters of Pollard' as well?

Are these individuals by their actions now a 'party to Pollard's treason'?

A Bipartisan Crowd, Helped by Bibi, Pleas for Pollard, the Convicted Spy

different clue

Obama's failure to address the too-big-to-fail banks and other financialist players any differently than Bush addressed them helped create a passive vacuum of despair by a growing number of non-voters. That vacuum has sucked these radicals into offices.

Obama's response is to "tack right" and support Wall Street and the Financialists all the harder; as well as ramping up his efforts to degrade and attrit Social Security. This will strengthen and deepen the disaffection of liberals and leftists which will strengthen the political vacuum sucking yet more of these radical rightists into office.


Al taqiyya
it's a universal principle.

Margaret Steinfels

The Forward article noted above (1/20@9:13)is worth a read. The effort to free Pollard has taken on a bi-partisan, interfaith, everybody come strategy. The pressure on Obama or the DOJ (who decides this?) will likely increase.

My question: would freeing Pollard be another sign of U.S. decline and a signal that we are unable to enforce our own laws and control our own court decisions? Might there be downsides to freeing Pollard that newly found supporters have not considered?



I seldom find myself agreeing with Erick Erickson but in this case I believe he is correct.


Margaret Steinfiels,

It appears that the Israelis think they are the 'chosen' regarding getting out of jail free cards as far as their hostile espionage activities go. The Israeli mindset doesn't seem to understand that there are NO 'chosen' people with it comes to espionage. If our U.S. were acquiesce and free Pollard, then should the same rule of thumb also not apply to the Soviet/Russian espionage traitors-to-the-U.S. Aldrich Ames, John Walker, etc., or to those Cuban espionage traitors-to-the-U.S, don't forget those Chinese espionage traitors-to-the-U.S. that are currently as well sitting in U.S. Federal Prison cells for their treason against the U.S..

Pollard is not an Israeli, irregardless if the somewhat tilted Israeli Knesset awarded him full Israeli citizenship or not, Pollard was born, and raised in the U.S.. Ergo, Pollard is 'U.S. Citizen' who cannot run away from his place of birth.

Remember that this whole mielu is about a one-side 'freeing' of a traitor to the U.S., NOT a 'spy swap' which the good Colonel briefly broached a short time back. If the U.S. did a 'spy exchange', then the U.S. would not have set a 'dangerous precedence' which would happen once they gave Pollard a get of jail free card by letting the little maggot go crawling to Israel.

Then there is the 'lingering' little 'detail' about all those 'lives murdered' directly attributable to Pollard and his actions. You're talking well in excess of 100 human beings that are dead today because of Jonathan Pollard's treason against the U.S..

Does Pollard deserve 'Israeli freedom' after he murdered all those who were walking on behalf of the U.S.?

Margaret Steinfels

P.S. The Forward article is followed by a vigorous argument in the comments section. Scroll down, worth a read.


Big Ears: 'Largest' secret spy hub uncovered in Israel

Patrick Lang

Ted (if Ted is really your name and if you really live in central Kansas)

The "game of nations" is not about justice, fairness or honesty.

the game is about power, winners and losers.

One must take a side if one's "ox" is being gored.

The problem with you is that you have chosen the Israeli side over the American. In that, you are very like Pollard. pl

Patrick Lang

Theodore Lewis

"When I received a draft notice, unlike many of my contemporaries, who burned theirs, one of whom apparently spat on you, I fully complied."

Well, Ted, either you did not read my post on the "apparent" spitting incident or you did not notice when you were "complying" that the US, unlike Israel has never drafted women. pl



Ms. Glick chose not to serve in the armed forces of the United States, she chose a foreign country. That says loud and clear her loyalty and love for the United States. Maybe she should update her 'about me' page to include that fact. Or perhaps she thinks putting serive in a foreign army is how one shows more fondness for America than the faculty at Harvard?

Charles I

Theodore, they refrain from policy and engage in personal attacks because there is no difference in their foreign policy or domestic need for support from fundamentalist religious parties that completely circumscribes politics.


Looks like Netanyahu is once again pushing for Pollard to be released: http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/israel-to-urge-obama-to-grant-pollard-leave-for-father-s-funeral-1.368501

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