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22 January 2011


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This one sounds like a lot of BS. Syria had more to loose with Hariri dead than alive. Just 'who' is this 'one serving' individual? Does that 'serving official' have a name? I'm sorry but this latest sounds like an Israeli orchestrated black propaganda opera at play. I don't buy the Syria thread, not at all.


A bunch of rumors. Most likely unfounded.

When was this stuff written? Right after the incident?

On Saturday, nobody answered at the door of Abu Adas' family residence.

Raimonod's recent piece seems more qualified: The Assassins of Lebanon - Who's to blame for the death of Rafiq Hariri?
Observant readers will note this strange confluence of interests, with Washington, Tel Aviv, and al-Qaeda the beneficiaries of a “legal” process designed to explode any hopes of peace in Lebanon.


Possible Israeli connection mentioned a few years ago at Syria Comment. Apparently the person who may have recruited him worked closely with the brother of a member of an Israeli spy ring...



some argue parts of the CIA is an Israeli asset, to wit:


"Jürgen Cain Külbel

Jürgen Cain Külbel, a former German criminal investigator of the GDR (the former communist East Germany), maintains in his book "The murder of Hairiri", that the CIA and the Mossad are responsible for Hariri's murder.[20] In an interview with Global Research, Külbel maintains that one hour before Hariri's murder Hariri's jamming device for remote control bombs, which was installed in his car, was turned off. And that Israel as the inventor and sole manufacturer of this device was the only one in position to turn it off, thereby making Hairiri's motorcade susceptible to remote control bombs. Külbel furthermore alleges that both the USA and Israel wanted to bring down the Syrian government, and that they needed an event such as the assassination of Hariri in order to weaken Syria and have it vulnerable and ready for a possible invasion, like the 2003 US invasion of Iraq. In the interview Külbel maintains that Detlev Mehlis, the first UN prosecutor, casually worked with the CIA and neo-con think tanks.[20] "

Phil Giraldi

I agree with Colonel Lang that while obviously someone knows who killed Hariri, the numerous parties who are rendering opinions probably do not and are only guessing. I too have heard from my intelligence contacts that Syria was behind it, but when I pressed for evidence I was told it was based on "who benefits most" analysis. Even by that standard the tale is by no means clear as there are many possible beneficiaries and many with motives. Facts in the case appear to be subject to whatever kind of spin one wants to employ.

frank durkee

I recall at the time of his death the mainstream press pushed the Syria connection hard.


Or the CIA did it and blamed the Syrians. It says they were upset with him for not warning about attacks in continental US. Personally I don't think the US could be that successfully duplicitous without Israeli assistance.

Clifford Kiracofe

I agree with Col. Lang that it is reasonable to belive that except for those who did it (and some may have had "accidents" to neaten things up in the meantime) no one really knows...yet.

Using a cui bono approach, my hypothesis was and is that Israel did it. Why? Keep things in turmoil in the Middle East: a "strategy of tension" to divide the Arabs (still more than they usually are).


I have always thought that Syria masterminded the assassination with Hizbullah providing the logistical support. Regardless of who was behind the assassination, the U.S. opinion that his death ALONE of all the murders in Lebanon deserves "justice" is delusional. This idea that Israel and the U.S. share that they can dictate a "peace" without concessions is an insanity that never stops.

Sam Will

To: Phil Giraldi; and Col. Lang and everyone.
The first of a string of assassinations in Lebanon started in earnest January 24th 2002, with the assassination of Mr. Elie HOBEIKA by a joint effort of CIA/MOSSAD, who used Asef SHAWKAT in the execution...
Asef SHAWKAT is SMI's liaison with American Intelligence. Following that assassination, evidence was washed away by the Syro-Lebanese apparatus of SHAWKAT...., within hours...., funerals, mornings, and reactions were forcefully muted...and everyone in Lebanon obliged with the Syrian version of events and the MSM complied and moved on....This is very important because it was instrumental when it came to the decision to assassinate Hariri few years later..., because the Syrians and their Lebanese lackeys thought and were absolutely convinced that the reaction to Hariri's assassination would be similar to that of 2002...
You are right that the Syrians assassinated Hariri and Asef SHAWKAT is the Mastermind...., but he got precious HELP from a CIA/MOSSAD devious and clever but very typical covert approach... in order to have "your" enemy do your bidding unbeknown to him... In other words, Asef SHAWKAT was Bamboozled into carrying out the HIT on HARIRI....and here is how:
After UNSC 1559 of 2004, Hariri was convinced to support it by the Saudis, CHIRAC and others. He was made to believe that its execution will be made to happen, come hell or high water...and Syrians/Alawites will be probably be ousted should they obstruct UNSC 1559...
Following that, Hariri started or was "pushed", "nudged" into funneling money to very extreme opposition figures in Syria... Sunni groups which were completely penetrated by Asef SHAWKAT's military intelligence... Israel and USA...knew full well that Asef SHAWKAT had penetrated these extreme Sunni Groups in Syria and abroad...and CIA/MOSSAD/OSP KNEW FULL WELL the inevitable and well predicted reaction of SHAWKAT's military intelligence Killers and the Syrian Regime to that Capital Offense to the Alawites.... VOILA.... Rafic HARIRI is TOAST...
STL is a TOOL, first to get what we want from Syria... I.E. complete cooperation, Hence the assassination of Imad F. MOUGHNIEH in Damascus by Asef SHAWKAT's Goons... then STL covers for Syria's deeds and moves on with STL, defaming, de-legitimizing HIZBULLAH, and to make them hold the bag...because the US has a score to settle with Hizbullah since 1983...
That's all there is to it... All this is in a day's work in the Black Covert Ops. in the Levant...
All these are first hand info's which I witnessed personally myself since 2000...because of where I stand... and it's not over till it's over... There are many Chapters to go....
Good Day to All here.


Sam Will,

May I ask 'where'[location] you say you 'witnessed personally myself since 2000' statement? What does your 'where you stand' statement denote? Are you saying you were a part of covert black ops? Are you now or were you part of Asef Shawkat's inner staff, or Israeli Mossad perhaps to have such a 'vantage point'?

Your say you 'witnessed personally' and your 'because of where I stand' statements intrigues me immensely.

Charles I

The usual suspects, sources, officials, authorities, reports nary a concrete reference amongst them. I'm with Pat, Clifford and Sam Will. Who really knows, but it does seem like trite all in a days work intrigue from all sides. Wasn't there a good one a while back, some top terrorist sap whose phone blew his head off, turns out his brother was the Israeli asset. And who can top the Americans or the Israelis in the electronics, tho I guess GCHQ and the CSE have a trick antenna or two. In any event, if its got a chip, chances are its got a trap door, and I don't think they lead to Arab - or Persian - capitals, unless the software says go. . .

Back in the cui bono dept, who really benefits from an M.O. used every day: delegitimation, renaming, attack, infliction of chaos to the point of requisite victim debilitation?

Need to bomb the shit outta Gaza, the Palestinians and the democratically elected government there? And keep the screws on after, aside from the smuggling opportunities?

Call it Hamas and bombs away, the world joins in.

Call Lebanon Hizbullah, sitr, presto it needs to be dealt with, like the WAPO says, whatever the risks. . . . what, PEOPLE live there? That's why they drop cluster bombs on villages?, not just inventory cycling, repeat sales? Terrorist shouldn't hide there then . . .

Dialectically of course, GOI = antisemtism victim, so the usual M.O. is strictly verboten, call victim services at once.

Lars Moller-Rasmussen

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon is the exception among all the U.N. courts operating at present. It is the only one with the sole purpose of identifying and trying the perpetrators of a political assassination.

The other U.N. courts, for the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Cambodia, deal with ethnic cleansing, genocide, and other war crimes and crimes against humanity.

(see www.un.org/en/law/index.shtml).

I agree with Col. Lang that the list of suspects is long. Apart from yesterday's and today's western favourites, Syria and Hizbullah, respectively, I personally have two others: Al Qaida clones or sympathizers trying to strike at Saudi Arabia as well as Syria and personal or business enemies.

Sam Will

If you have specific questions about the content of my quick brief here... I will be glad to respond.... I cannot give you more than that!

Charles I

Sam I have a specific ?, well, 2. Who is Sam Will? What were/are you at the time of your observations?

Sam Will

Charles I,
Very cute... this is the only thing you ain't getting, and it's easy to understand why...

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