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10 January 2011


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Patrick Lang


I remain convinced that this awful event should be dealt with as a matter for the courts. As a matter of curiosity, is she a member of NRA? I am. pl



I agree with you, this is a criminal matter nothing more nothing less and should be dealt with through the normal criminal proceedings channels. The press and Mr. Boehner are trying to capitalize on it (Mr. Boehner capitalize, oh my) for their own selfish self-serving motives.

Imagine Boehner creating 'another' House Congressional Committee/Sub-Committee specifically to handle incidents like this, more $$$ in their Congressional pockets. Just like 911, Congress is intentionally over-reacting for their own self-serving interests of power and money.



I don't know if she was an NRA member, but she had a D+ rating from them.

William R. Cumming

Apparently Congressional leadership of both parties intends to introduce new "legislation" protecting Members of Congress. Wondering if they know what already exists?

Patrick Lang


Gutless. pl


The biggest threat to civil rights is congressional overreaction. If they are that scared they need to find another job.


oh great ... this looks like a job for blackwater, er, xe ... i imagine the contract is being drawn up now to funnel hundreds of millions more. and now congress can have its own private army.

Norman Rogers

"Apparently Congressional leadership of both parties intends to introduce new "legislation" protecting Members of Congress. "

Expect thousands of security personnel to be hired; expect it to become a Federal crime for looking at a Member of Congress with a wonky eye or anything less than fawning admiration. Expect Congressional events to feature burly guards, metal detectors, and a cutoff feature which will allow the Member to escape whenever someone says anything unpleasant.

THIS is how they will deal with what happened when constituents voiced their displeasure. It's an excuse to separate themselves from the hoi polloi.

Hoi polloi, vote often and accordingly, but do not deign to frown towards a Member. You'll have your hair parted sideways for you.

Kim Viner

FWIW it appears that Fox news is walking back the claim that the information cited above is from a DHS memo. They now say it is from a "law enforcement" memo which is partly based on some information from DHS. No additional details were given


If I have my civil rights, then this message wouldn't have happen."


Watching what is supposed to be his You Tube site, I was startled with his obsession with grammar in combination with arrogant statements about other's literacy.

.. time, currency, power, and control versus being controlled / being watched.

I don't control your English grammar structure, but you control your English grammar structure.


These cases should be studied carefully.

I also think that the right/left divide hasn't much validity in the larger field of topics he seems to have been preoccupied with.


slightly too fast:

I was startled by , feels more correct, bad proofreading.

But it really makes me slightly furious, that lately I have to shift from Explorer back to Firefox again to be able to send a reply. They work only alternatively. And I usually don't use Explorer.


...soon it will serve as justification to fly drones over our skies.


As predicted, a lawmaker is already proposing a bill to further elevate members of the congressional class above the hoi polloi.

I expect that the final version of this bill will allow any of them to set FBI attack dogs on anyone who offends their sensibilities for any reason. If they are charitable, the bill will extend the privilege to former members. Expect individual States to follow suit.

My guess is that this will be achieved via a reversal of the onus of proof and a deliberately vaguely worded description of the offence.

"Rep. Robert Brady (D-Pa.) reportedly plans to introduce legislation that would make it a federal crime to use language or symbols that could be perceived as threatening or inciting violence against a federal official or member of Congress."



It appears now that the Am. Ren. ploy was a bit of slight of hand. An attempt to reinforce the media monologue.
Other bits of data: several other people at the meet and greet were carrying, but refrained from engaging after one of the shot, female citizens impeded the shooter as he attempted to reload. He was taken down by civilians. The rep. is alive because her latest hire knew some emergency medicine. He kept her alive until official heroes arrived. He is supposedly gay ... that did not appear to affect his ability to keep his boss alive. Other stories coming out from people with their own agendas claim: The shooter is half jewish ( his mom's side ), he believes in lucid dreaming, he is a young man who likes to "stir things up." He was supposedly perturbed that the Army recruiter handed him a mini-bible.
He might indeed be a lone gunman, standard fare, no Jack Ruby's necessary.


I found this interesting, the currency and control imagery is more familiar, but I didn't know this:

But Mr. Loughner also posits in his Web postings the idea that the government is seeking to control people through rules and structure of grammar and language.

This is similar to the position of David Wynn Miller, 62, a former tool-and-die welder from Milwaukee who describes himself as a “Plenipotentiary-judge” seeking to correct, through a mathematical formula, what he sees as the erroneous and manipulative use of grammar and language worldwide. The Southern Poverty Law Center considers Mr. Miller a conspiracy theorist, some of whose positions have been adopted by militias in general.

“The government is implying mind control and brainwash on the people by controlling grammar,” Mr. Loughner said in a video. He also defiantly asserted, “You control your English grammar structure.”

Mr. Miller, in an interview, said the argument sounded familiar. “He’s probably been on my Web site, which has been up for about 11 years,” Mr. Miller said. “The government does control the schools, and the schools determine the grammar and language we use. And then it is all reinforced by newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and everything we do in society.”

From a New York Times article:


Colonel and Dr. Silverman,

There was one thing that led to the Tucson shootings; the voices in the gunman’s head. The aftermath has to be handled in the criminal system. But, underneath there are enablers that if eliminated would have reduced the possibility of the slaughter:

1) The target shooting rhetoric in politics and Fox News; especially, in Arizona, Tea Party Heartland,
2) The collateral hatred and fear associated with our Forever Wars,
3) Lax gun laws that allows anyone who walks and has cash to purchase weapons, and; finally,
4) There is no mental health system in the USA. Many parents of mentally ill children are in denial but I bet they sought help for him and either it was too expensive or they had no way to force him to get help.


I don't know about all this American domestic business, but I do know that this site is facing the biggest threat to its existence yet.

The retiring Head of Mossad has announced that there is no Iranian nuclear threat to Israel - at least for years and years.


This means at least 50% of this site's traditional threads will no longer be appearing. Will it survive?

Adam L Silverman


Here's some new information in an interview/article from Mother Jones (and before anyone kvetches I know it's way liberal), but it's where the info is:


"On the George Soros-funded Daily Kos website, there existed a long rant over Gifford’s vote, with the author repeatedly asserting Gifford was now “dead” due to her vote against Nancy Pelosi. Daily Kos has since scrubbed the posting from its site, but the evidence was saved and is still accessible via HillBuzz.org. In the same reporting thread, HillBuzz also reveals that the Daily Kos had put a bullseye mark on Congresswoman Giffords in 2008, wanting Giffords to be eliminated in the primary race due to her too-conservative voting record."

Read more: http://newsflavor.com/politics/world-politics/the-ulsterman-report-was-congresswoman-gabrielle-giffords-shooter-a-liberal-extremist/#ixzz1AfPsMquz

Geez, this poor Congresswoman Giffords has bullseyes pointed at her from both the left and the right wings.

We really don't deserve the government we have.


I'm normally as popular as the "Red Headed Bastard" at a family reunion on this site, because I rise to defend the Israelis.

But Mr Silverman's(who I would guess is at least of Jewish lineage) pandering comments beg rebuttal.

He and his fellow travelers, cry out about the wolf of anti semitic activity at any opportunity, and without regard confirmingt the real facts on the ground. And MSM goes along like a compliant little lap dog.

Why, because it makes him feel good, and it may just be good for business for outfits like the Jewish Anti Defamation League.

"It would be a real waste, not to use a tragedy like this". It is that how you think Mr Silverman, PhD?

Patrick Lang


What do you think this is "The Huffington Post," or "The Daily Beast?" This is one old guy who runs this as a hobby on a lap top. pl


FoolBama has an answer to all our problems.

Some idiot on the radio explained how this will solve all our problems with "extremist."

Phil Giraldi

All of this brings to mind how Congress panicked during the anthrax scare. Do you remember them scurrying about seeking to protect themselves above all else? Taxpayer provided metal detectors and security details offered by companies in which former congressmen and homeland security officials have a beneficial interest will be de rigueur at all future events where a congressman might appear.


Col. Lang:

Dr. Silverman's citation of the Mother Jones' article is a real eye-opener about the reality of Loughner's mental problems. The list is long but persuasive starting with his illness beginning in high school and ending with his living in a fantasy world unconnected to the rest of us. For this kind of problem politics as causation is irrelevant. Culturally I think we're always better off if we stay away from playground arguments and solutions but that's not Loughner.

Absolutely, the court is the place to take a good hard look at Loughner's ability to participate in his defense, and to decide the nature of his mental impairment when he emptied the clip in his Glock. Another John Hinckley is a real possibility. Unfortunately, we still don't know how it will turn out for Congresswoman Giffords.


From what I can see, the ADL and SLPC are after Taylor and the American Renaissance group becuase they are white people doing the same thing many Jewish people and groups do.
Whites or European gentiles are not allowed to have groups promoting white culture or making politicial demands..it's racist.LOL
I don't have time to go thru the Am Ren entire site but they don't seem to rise to the level of a KKK or Neo nazis organization.
I think the Loughner-AmRen deal is your typical
smearing operation that various special interest jump on when the opportunity arises.

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