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28 January 2011


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Clifford Kiracofe

I get the feeling some on this thread are not familiar with the rise of the Hawaiian in Chicago.

He came to Chicago from New York and was involved in community work in the South Side. Originally, had some Pentecostal church links and moved in the University of Chicago crowd. Got noticed at the University of Chicago and was moved upward attracting some patrons like the Pritzkers and Crowns.

The Hawaiian's wife is from Chicago. Her father was a Precinct Captain in the Machine. Thus, she ended up working in the Mayor's Office. She is most certainly not a lightweight:

And Valerie Jarrett is most certainly not a lightweight:


ballet dancer means voted off the island...mimes as well...

different clue

If Emmanuel somehow became Mayor of Chicago, he would then have to become Governor of Illinois and be made to look good there before he could be considered for a next step.

If he actually somehow became Governor of Illinois and decided to try for the Presidency next; two things could be used to destroy him in the Great Lakes states. (I mean the REAL Great Lakes states, not the GLINO State of Illinois). Those would be Emmanuel's support for NAFTA which is still deeply hated in Michigan and parts of Ohio; and also Emmanuel's support for keeping the Chicago River connection open into Lake Michigan even though that would destroy the Great Lakes fishery with Silver and Bighead Carp.
That second one is an immediately looming future disaster which Emmanuel and Obama are doing their stubborn part to bring about. That could be weaponised to "mass destroy"
Emmanuel in every Great Lakes state (except the GLINO state of Illinois).


Chicago corrupt? Say it aint so:


Who needs the GOP when you have Rahm. Teachers, not as important as a handout to billionaires.

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