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28 January 2011


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William R. Cumming

So what if he loses and the ballot box is outstuffed by another?


I visit Chicago often. The city seems to function very well, regardless of its reputation for governmental and political cooruption. To paraphrase Samuel Clemens: Rumors of Chicago's corruption (relative to any other large American city) are greatly exaggerated.

Rham is being groomed for the White House? Maybe so, but let's see whether or not he can win the Chicago mayoral race first; and if successful at that, whether or not he can govern Chicago as well as the Daley clan -- via corrupt methods or otherwise.

Patrick Lang


Ah, the trains run on time in Chicago? pl


OMG, a Mossad operative as President? Shudder.

Phil Giraldi

I have only one thing to say about Rahm: when the United States was engaged in fighting a foreign enemy he instead went and provided his services to the Israeli Army. Such a man is not fit to hold any elected or appointed office in the US.


Just imagine, Rahm, American born, when our U.S. gets involved in a Mideast war, Rahm goes and joins the Israeli IDF instead of enlisting in the U.S. military. And then subsequently is recruited by the Mossad for their future operations back in the states once Rahm has concluded his IDF service. Amazing, simply amazing that a foreign intelligence asset occupying the Presidential chair. Would that mean that Mossad HQ was then designated White House 1 and Herzylia as White House 2 under a Rahm presidency? It's bad enough that while Rahm worked under the Clintons he was a 'bad boy', from what I understand that could be one of the reason[s] that Hillary detests Rahm so. And as Obama COS, Rahm was privy to a lot of sensitive U.S. info, how much of it went into the Mossad's inbox? Care to wager on how much?

It's bad enough that our nation's communications has been penetrated by that particular foreign intelligence using their AMDOCS, COMVERSE, etc., now the thought of one of their operatives occupying the seat of our U.S.'s Presidency, sends shudders down my spine, especially when that particular foreign intelligence has so much U.S. Military blood on their hands.


Pat, For the most part, the trains keep very close to schedule; albeit, rush hour does get a bit hectic and times get out-of-sync on the antiquated El train system. A modern light-rail system like the one in DC would be delightful, but it would take all of the "fun" out of the carnival-like experience of riding the Chicago El.



Chicago gets a bum rap many times for the way it operates. But, as far as its politics is concerned. Rahm is the lesser of the many Chicago devils running for office.

I fear for Chicago no matter who gets elected.


Since when has the office of mayor ever been a stepping stone for the Presidency? Governor, yes, but not mayor. If RE wanted to be President -- which I've never heard anyone say, as opposed to his well-known mayoral ambitions -- he would have been better off running for the office in Springfield, except for that awful habit of Illinois governors ending up in jail.

Patrick Lang


Since now. I didn't say the idea would triumph but that does not mean that these liberal Zionists would not try it. They and their ilk are typically blinded by their hopes and fears. pl


To my mind, New Orleans is more Alexandria than Cairo.

But point well-taken.


To the point--I can't imagine a more despicable schmuck than Rahm Emmanuel.

My rant.

Clifford Kiracofe

I can see some are not familiar with Chicago politics and history.

Start with the 24th Ward and Jake Arvey:

Then read Gus Russo's book "Supermob" for context:

Then attempt a serious comment.


It may not have worked against RE in Illinois, but I can tell you here in Dixie, his IDF "volunteer-ing" instead of joining the American military will be a big issue.

In fact, I will do everything in my limited power to make it a big issue.

Clifford Kiracofe

Well, I suppose some might need a few more dots to connect, so:

1. The late Mayor Richard J. Daley had 4 sons.

2. Son John P Daley married the daughter of an "alleged" mob figure:

"When John's wedding was announced in the Chicago Tribune the April 24, 1975 headline read: "Daley's son to wed hood's daughter." because his wife-to-be was the daughter of Louis Briatta who was reputed to be member of gambling crime syndicate.[5"

The subject of interest is Louis "Louis the Barber" Briatta, an alleged member of "The Outfit."

3. "A. Joseph Briatta is also now deceased.

Informants Number 2, 5, and 12 indicated that they knew

3 him. He was from the Taylor Street neighborhood. He

4 was part of the Briatta family. And they were well

5 known in the area as organized crime associates for

6 many years.

7 Q. And how about Louis Briatta?

8 A. Louis Briatta, Informants 2, 5, and 12 knew

9 Louis Briatta. They called him "Louie the Barber". He

10 ran a barber shop, I believe, on Polk and Aberdeen, and

11 it was a hangout for mobsters -- old time mobsters for

12 many years. And I believe his daughter married Mayor

13 Daley's brother."

4. Just so SST readers are all very clear on this: organized crime in Chicago includes Italians and Jews.

5. Unlike the old days, some organized crime figures now operate what appear to be "respectable businesses."

6. It is interesting that William Daley headed up Morgan-Chase operations in the Middle East.

7. It is interesting that the Pritzker and Crown families are prominent backers of Obama.

Clifford Kiracofe

Daley reference typo: should read Morgan-Chase "Middle West" as in the US Middle West.



Rahm and the current Israeli Ambassador-to-the-U.S. Michael Oren (Bornstein) share that same attribute, both ran out on our U.S. Military Service opting to join the Israel IDF instead. And today, just look at Bornstein who emigrated to Israel in 79, Bornstein renounced his U.S. Citizenship for a post as Israeli Ambassador to our U.S., while Rahm is a Mossad asset.

Neither one deserves to breath our U.S. air, neither of them.


Does the below mean anything?

"Connecticut National Guard Detachment 2, Company I, 185th Aviation Regiment of Groton has mobilized and will deploy to the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, to support the Multinational Force and Observers."



What is really amazing is how everyone seems to acknowledge the corruption but are apparently resigned to living with it. Unfortunately this isn't limited to Chicago.


Some background on the Chicago budget crisis, the choices Rahm will have to make as mayor and stabbing people in the neck with pencils, from Chicago blogger and embittered liberal Driftglass.

Green Zone Cafe

Does the below mean anything?

No. Those MNFO deployments have been going on for more than twenty years.

C'mon, Rahm isn't going to be president - by all accounts he's too much of an a-hole to get there.

First, he would have to be an extremely successful mayor of Chicago, which is tough no matter how talented he is, because of the economic forces beyond his control.

I expect Rahm will be a source of political entertainment if elected, as he will suddenly have to deal with city councillors, municipal union heads, and nutty neighborhood activists.


I'll be surprised if RE is not elected as the mayor. I'll also be surprised if any of his opponents dare to bring up his enlisting in IDF and even if they do, the media would not cover it. Business as usual....



Standard rotation. The multi-national force has been there since '79:

different clue

Will liberal Zionists support Emmanuel for mayor?
It depends on how liberal they are. Some of them might feel bitter enough over Emmanuel's role in preventing any Public Option from showing up in the health care "reform" bill that they might vote their bitterness against Emmanuel just for that. After the votes are all totalled they can be studied to see how many liberal Zionists vote one way or another.

If the Black Chicagoans are presented with ( or elevate on their own) a plausible anti-Rahm candidate, that might draw enough votes away from Emmanuel to secure his defeat. But if Black Chicago is not presented with a candidate of "its own", they may well vote en masse for Emmanuel out of loyalty to Obama. So perhaps a way to achieve "stop Rahm" would be
to find a seriously liberal counter-candidate who could appeal to Black Chicago and also peel off those liberal Zionist votes which are "liberal first".


If this comes to pass, this would be the victory of foederati, with Rahm as Odoacer.

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