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28 January 2011


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And so the US has de-legitimized Egypt. That presumes that we 'legitimized' it in the first place doesn't it?

Well, we did purchase the Egyptian peace for the Israelis after all. I'm not sure why we need to keep sending so much cash to Israeli's though...

The president doesn't really have a choice here and he is mostly playing this as any other president would have.

Obama will be attached for 'Losing Egypt' if things go badly. As they may, and as they tend to in that part of the world. Or he will be attacked for not supporting 'Freedom' if the regime persists. The state of our politics is abysmal.

christopher tingus

300 brave Egyptians lost their Life in this momentous revolution and each if them should be honored! They are heros!

Unfortunately, the Muslim Brotherhood will take the reigns in September and without doubt, the Muslim Brotherhood will demand the military pass the torch off as quickly as possible even before the celebration ends and people get back to work after these 17 days in Egypt's long respected histoy and even here in our beloved Republic of Amrica where we cherish freedom as we all have much respect for Egypt and so many others in the region, caution must prevail for whomever is elected among the numerous political factions, every member of humanity, every individual, every man and woman and child deserves dignity and it is time that the Arab League and others in the region take responsibilty and serve the people, not enslave another generation to be in despair, but rather to be hopeful, to be enterprisng and productive, to live as our Creator has asked and make no judgement on another man as God is witness to all!

God Bless us all!

Christopher Tingus

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