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31 January 2011


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Really? Israel wants to rebuke us over Mubarak?
My first thought was a two word phrase, but the heck with Israel!


Col, was it not Henry the Great who opined that it was more dangerous to be America's ally than its enemy? Possibly Israel thought that Henry was kidding.
Mrs. Greenspan is but one of many useful idiots masquerading as American journalists.
I thought you had decided to forego the agida of watching crap american cable news; it is not as tough an addiction to overcome as coffee or fine cigars.


never forget,
Netanyahu: 'America is a thing you can move very easily'



"Barak" is both Hebrew and Arabic for blessed/bless. Mu-barak and Barak Obama share the same name. There are doubtless many Baraks and Baruchs in Israel, and many Baraks/Mubaraks in the Arab world. They are all Semites. But each side refuses to acknowledge the conflict between Zionism and the Arab/Muslim world is really a sort of civil war.


"BTW, why aren't he and the Saban Center registered under FARA? pl"

Why indeed..been tried two or three times that I know of, maybe more..I believe Grant Smith petitioned Justice to investigate it again last year. I would forget that nonsense and just go staight for silver bullets and wooden stakes.

William R. Cumming

Well several times have posted on this blog history reveals don't trust US!
Now some evidence that the FBI a largely Catholic and Mormon institution at its highest levels was throttled in its investigation of AIPEC. Self initiated investigations are at the heart of the FBI's independence from MAIN JUSTICE [and perhaps their files]!

Clifford Kiracofe

It is interesting to follow the Israeli reaction and their information operations and lobbying in the US. The pro-Israel US media, of course, facilitates such operations.

From a US standpoint, there are 4 main factors to deal with in the Middle East: the Arab states, Turkey, Iran, and Israel. We have been wedded to Israel since 1967 in a "strategic alliance" thereby cutting against a proper approach to the region in the US national interest.

The region has changed since 1967. The situation in Tunisia and now in Egypt will have long term implications for the region.

One of the main implications, inexorable, of this overall process is the diminution of Israel as a regional factor.

Our foreign policy elite and political elite, however, see through Israeli eyes not American eyes. This is not going to change easily. Thus the present "mutual suicide pact" we have with Israel will not go away easily.

However, as the Israelis well know, things in Egypt will not be the same as before. It is not likely that any Egyptian regime to come will be able to behave to the extreme degree of dutiful and humiliating "pro-Israelness" followed by Egypt's leadership these past several decades.

So it is understandable that Israel is becoming fearful...deeply so perhaps as the implications of the present situation sink in.

Such a pervasive and deepening fear is good to the degree that it restrains Israeli arrogance and aggression. On the other hand, Israel could choose to change the game by initiating a regional war thinking that the US would be dragged into the mess to support Israel and that such a war would set back the region 25 years.

But then perhaps we are slowly reaching a point in the US where the gentile masses here (as dumbed down and manipulated and "cowlike"/goyish as they are) might start to connect some dots all leading to the malevolent influence of Israel and its lobby on our polity and foreign policy. The simple fact is: Israel is a problem for Americans, an "existential" problem, or threat, one might argue. Hearts will inevitably harden.

Retired (once-Serving)Patriot

Almost as good as watching Mort Zuckerman on BBC opining about the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood.

It's long past time that the Pohoryles comment about stabbing an ally in the back turn into reality. After all, we've been stabbed long enough by a small, eastern Mediterranean country made wealthy on the proceeds of US taxpayers. Perhaps the shiv needs to be reversed?

A new strategic dawn is breaking over Israel. We should expect them to react with even greater derangement than ever. The world is changing fast and its starting to dawn on Tel Aviv that they're on the wrong side of it.



Perhaps Israeli politicians are finally waking up to the fact that with $13 Trillion in debt and two unpopular wars overseas that amongst the things to get cut may be a few billion a year that keeps our 'best' ally afloat.

Patrick Lang


"Henry the Great" Who? pl


If the Israelis are so smart, why do they keep digging a deeper and deeper hole for themselves?

They keep 'winning every battle' - but they are losing the war. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Medicine Man

I like the gall of an Israeli front man upbraiding the White House for not sufficiently supporting a regime that the US pays to remain indifferent to them.

While I think one can make a pretty good case for quietly supporting Mubarak as a necessary adjunct to political reality, this is clearly not what Aviad is saying. "A bullet in the back from Uncle Sam"? Sneering, moralistic lecturing from a clearly biased party. If he believes that the tendency of US leaders to be high-minded, moralistic, and naive is threatening to the stability of cooperative Arab governments, I wonder what he thinks of the Israeli tendency to bash on the wogs? I'm sure he doesn't think about it at all. He's not paid to.

Galling to see the US hand over so much and be treated with such contempt. I wonder if my own country has ever been so classless.


"A bullet in the back from Uncle Sam" not to be confused with strafing and torpedoing USS Liberty or Jonathan Pollard or Mr. Nozette (where's that case at?), that's what one's 'best ally' does.


How the fuck is Martin Indyk still allowed to breathe American air?!


What the ME needs I have long said is their own regional UN. People tell me that's it's impossible--you would never get all the various Arab sects and countries to cooperate together.
I use to think if the Isr'merica mucked around in their business enough they might do that--get vtogether -- out of collective desperation.
Still think it's a good idea..everyone could join except Israel..or they could be put on probation for a period of time to test their qualifications for membership. Actually I really like this idea, Europe has the EU, the Arabs could a AU or MEU.


"Henry the Great" Who? pl

I wonder if perhaps that should be:

"Henry the great what?"


Hmmmm on reflection maybe not (or at least slap a PG15 rating on the reply).

Retired (once-Serving)Patriot

One of the reasons Israel is worried about aid cuts to Egypt is that they're next. A vast majority of Foreign Military Financing (FMF) assistance goes to just Israel ($2.5B) and Egypt ($1.3B); there's a ten-year "deal" going right now that will see the Israeli portion rise to some $3B - while keeping Egypt's amount the same (apparently Iran is a bigger threat to Tel Aviv than to Cairo). This deal, which did not include special bonuses such as Iron Dome or F-35 funds, is viewed by both Israel and Egypt as their just due for maintaining the 1979 Peace Treaty. If the funding gets cut to one, why not the other? Indeed, Israeli voices (in Congress) have helped maintain Egypt's share even against the advice of State and DoD who want to spend some of the aid on emerging allies such as Jordan, Yemen and Pakistan.

Of course, if Egypt tips to the "hostile" camp or withdraws from the 1979 Treaty (I doubt both), those same Israeli voices in Congress will surely call for a substantial increase in aid funds. Even if the "donor" (or I prefer, host) dies a quicker financial death.



"Henry the K"?


re: "Henry the Great" Who? pl
I suspect he means Herr Doktor Kissinger.



indyk's a former aussie intel who was given a free pass into getting his american citizenship. indyk is like other israel-firsters, dual citizens holding both u.s and israeli citizenships.


It's interesting how willingly that some members of the British government/journos participate in the Israeli black propaganda against Iran. With Liam Fox, one has to wonder how many secret bank accounts that the Israelis are prepping for him as his reward for his participation in Israel's black propaganda campaign against Iran.


I believe the correct question is, "Which is more important: Israel or oil?"

When enough governments in the Middle East have Israel hostile governments, the Israel project will be put on hold.

Israel is an idea that has had the enormous benefit to the US of dividing the Arab world in such a way that we continue to get free oil.

But all ideas can lose their relevance.

Clifford Kiracofe

It continues to be interesting following the Israeli and US reactions.

Congress now has a "one voice" mantra and is backing "democracy" in Egypt. Israel's point man in the House, Ackermann, and others want Mubarak out and free and fair elections.

Well, ok. But what is their angle? What do they expect to happen here?

The Egyptian public is "anti-Israel" according to various polling data. The Egyptian public is pro-Palestine and some are pro-Hamas.

The Egyptian public resents the US role in the Middle East on behalf of Israel.

So just what political parties and movements in Egypt are "pro-Israel"? None.

Thus should their be free and fair elections, a range of parties will get into Parliament from secular "left" to Islamic "right".

Just how does the pro-Israel Lobby and its US Congress and White House prevent the Egyptian Parliament from becoming "anti-Israel"?

Just how does the pro-Israel Lobby and its US Congress and White House control the foreign policy of a "democratic" Egypt so as to remain "pro-Israel?"

Egypt does not need US money or weapons. So what is the US leverage? Hammer Egypt through the financial markets as in the 19th century, and then invade and make Egypt and American protectorate?

Nancy K

We are not going to invade Egypt. We are not going to invade Iran. We really have enough probems here at home. Hopefully the teabaggers don't decide that if they make enough noise on the streets here, maybe they can bring down our government too. I can just see Sarah Palin leading the group, perhaps in a red, white and blue bathing suit, twirling her baton. Is that how she won a beauty contest?


This just in via POMED: Fayyad said he's going to call for palestinian authority elections at next parliament meeting (parliament and abbas currently without mandate, last election 2006). I'm betting against him following through, but if he does, that could prove very interesting/unsettling.

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