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02 January 2011


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Well we should take note of:

1. the longstanding German "Mitteleuropa" strategic concept developed pre-WWI

2. the rise of "anti-Communist" Fascism generally in Europe in the 1920s/30s to include the UK (and not just Mosely).

3. the rise of "Pan-German" ideology in high German circles from the late 19th century (Germany plus Austria plus Sudentenland and etc.)

Hitler, an AUSTRIAN exposed to the Pan-German ideology, was a convenient focus of all this for those in the financial-industrial-military complex backing him. We can think of the Keppler circle, for example. We can also recall the operations of the Stinnes Group during and after WWI. Given Soviet intelligence capabilities of the era, it would seem possible that they had information on the designs of various Western circles.

I would note that leading financial-industrial circles in the UK, France, the US and etc. supported the concept of a Nazi Germany against Communist-Bolshevist Russia.

One should not blame everything conveniently on an evil and demented Hitler as if there were no larger forces behind him. This only serves to whitewash and hide the real powers in the game.

It is also worth noting that the abovementioned financial circles in Europe and the US included Jewish bankers among the gentiles. We can consider the Warburgs, for example, up to about 1938 or so. We can consider the role of Sal. Oppenheim bank which held the secret SS funds and etc....

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