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24 January 2011


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Adam L Silverman

J: I can't honestly answer your questions as I only know what's been covered in the media. The larger issue here comes back to a topic we've gone back and forth on SST about a lot: how do we get quality information pertaining to the host country population into the hands of the decision makers. This has been identified as a critical gap and we've got at least three ad hoc programs intended to cover down on this. But part of the larger problem is that even 9 years on in Afghanistan, 7 in Iraq, and a 106 in the Philipines (that anti-Moro COIN effort marches on...) we still don't have a unifying set of guidance about what we should be having in regard to such information, whether it should be intelligence or something else (research or information?), and how to go about doing this. Moreover, as LTG Flynn reported on a year ago even what we do have doesn't always get where it needs to be. So it's not just what this stuff is going to be considered as, how to get it, or how to analyze it, but also how to package and distribute it. As long as there is a need for this type of information, which there is going to be, then anyone who can make a credible bid that they can provide it is going to get attention and possibly a contract. Given this reality, abuses, such as those alleged to have happened here, will continue to happen.


The IC... Talk about contradiction in terms.

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