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02 January 2011


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Issa will indeed tar and feather the pick-pockets connected to Obama, but he will give a pass to the heavy-duty Republican corporate burglars and embezzlers that put him into office.

Not to worry; Issa and his ilk will overplay their hand and they will back in the minority in a couple of years.

Maureen Lang

Darryl Issa, the whole Issa family, actually- oh, where to begin...

A long-time canker on the state in which I live, Issa & his backers craved CA's central stage & now have been given a national one. May the gods in their heavens help us to curb his excesses, if such a thing in the climate of 2011 is possible.

Buzz Meeks

Darryl Issa, another GOP used prophylactic, calling the kettle black.

A fine fellow with a history of car theft, lying about military duty assignments,and helping to overthrow a certified elected official, Gov. Gray Davis.

A fellow who did the bidding of Eron to recall a governor so as to manipulate the electrical power market talking about corruption?

As Hunter Thompson said of Trick E, "he is so crooked he has to screw his pants on." Works here too.

Buzz Meeks

Laura Wilson

Issa is NOT any thinking Californian's favorite politician. But then, just as in so much of the USA, voters haven't been doing much heavy lifting in the reason department lately. Poor Darryl, he brought down Gray Davis so HE could be governor...but no one liked him enough to even let him run for it!

Patrick Lang


I see that our friend Issa (Jesus in Arabic) intends to investigate this topic. it will be interesting to see how far he pushes it since there were Republicans with their hands in the till pl


An American entrepeneur
"Issa made his fortune through his company, Directed Electronics Incorporated, that is most famous for its flagship product, the "Viper" car alarm. It bears a siren that is a recording of Issa's voice saying, "please step away from the car."

above from the wiki

Left the Army w/ rank of captain. there used to something in the wiki about Issa & his brother being accused of insurance fraud involving the theft of a car, but in all fairness to him, he was probably working on perfecting his alarm system.:)

There are two form of Jesus in Arabic. The Issa, and another one which tracks the Joshua,"Ya-so?oo." I used the ? for the ain sound.


The bio on his house website is laughable.
"..Issa has opposed the rise of out-of-control government spending and fought tirelessly for the responsible, transparent use of taxpayer dollars."

What did he accomplish from 2001 to now in stopping out of control spending? He's part of the problem, but at least we can be certain he'll one up Gingrich on going after democrats in office.


Sadly Issa may have a few extra years of investigation, according to the BBC VP Biden says we may stay longer if the Afghan people ask us to stay.

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