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29 January 2011


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Painting all Muslim social orders with the same brush is a big no no for me. The fact of the matter which is lost on many orientalists (from the perspective of people in the region), our intervention has and will continue to give rise to the most radical elements within Islam.

Our efforts to help Saddam after the Iran revolution gave rise to the worst of the worst in Iran and crushed the more moderate forces.

I hope we dont make the same mistake with the rise of the non-ideological green movement in Iran. we need to let the democratization process run its course without western intervention - something that we have yet to learn - even when there is a chance that an islamist reactionary force takes power.

William R. Cumming

What does this mean?
" Paris, in other words, was a Balkan city at the time of World War I, seething with spies, . . ."


Richard - wow!

It sure requires people of a special personality to live and work in the cloak and dagger world.

I enjoy reading about these very interesting tales but cannot imagine myself in such situations.


Paris the capitol of Montenegro, I remember it well. The strudels were especially good; the brioche not so hot.
I believe this is derived from The Mask of Dimitrious (sp). A fine movie about balkan intrigue. Sidney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre and Zachary Scott starred.

E. Lanecu

An alley is not necessarily an ally. Robspierre? - perhaps to pay Pall?

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