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10 December 2010


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Norman Rogers

I have avoided using both Typepad and PayPal, and not because of this issue. I have always found Google to be better, but I'm sure fifty knowitalls will chime in and claim otherwise. I have used Google for about as long as it has been around. I don't know what the fuss is about. When it's down, so what? That's what the outdoors are for.

Do you suspect that you are under some sort of attack? High profile people like yourself sometimes raise the ire of the hacking community. How prestigious it would be to be "hacked," right?


Are the 'powers' inside the beltway are mad at you also or is this just collateral damage from paypal hacking and the usual typepad problems?


What'ya mean?

I am wondering if I should cancel my Paypal account, but what has Typepad got to do with it?

Apart from the fact that I probably have to chance to Internet Explorer to be able to send this reply?


No it worked. Does the second reply work too?


Gee, Col. Think this is blowback by the hackers in support of Wikileaks & your site just got splattered when the excrement fell into the ventilation system? Didn't chime in earlier, but great to have you back.

Margaret Steinfels

Paypal worked for me mid-day. The rest of you, go and do likewise.


Cyber warfare is the new people vr the government (and corps) and movement against movement battlefield.
In an all out battle between the govs and the hackers though I would probably have to put my bet on the hackers. Their community is elusive and growing.
A decade ago a 16 year old hacked into the pentgon computers.
Something scary to think about.

John Kirkman

Given the failed nature of the leadership at all levels of our government, the dishonor common in the military, and the refusal of the media to tell the truth even when they know it, I am prepared to listen to the rumble on the internet as we inevitably, it seems, slide off the edge.


Both Typepad and Paypal have sufficient problems under normal circumstances that we probably don't need a conspiracy to explain this particular outage. Neither of those sites seem particularly well-hardened against conditions of normal use, much less cyberwar.


Veteran journalist, commentator and world traveller Eric Margolis has sharp words for usa congress, usa rightwing media and currrent usa administration on their collective cave in to the zionists over Palestine and Middle East issues.

good reading at >>>


Norbert M. Salamon

Methinks that The Nobel Prize winning President Obama will follow the footsteps of an earlier Nobel Laurate, MR M. Gorbachev, with the descent of the other superpower of the 20th century due to the politics of Congress, and the Congress' Israel First Leaders.:

breakdown of the Rule of Law,
Over-extended military adventurism
collapsing manufacturing sector,
breakdown of the social contract of society
Unwillingness to face economic reality, unsustainable debt levels;

add your own component....


11bp: Thanks for the link to the Margolis article. Interesting reading.


This is an interesting post indeed. But can you please elaborate on the points a bit further? Thanks for the post. Keep posting.


The unraveling of Assange case: why Sweden’s judiciary is so ferocious towards Assange, and why US is so confident that the freedom of information can be quashed even in the “socialist” Sweden

From UK Telegraph: "Swedish government 'hid' anti-terror operations with America from Parliament"



The new and astonishing revelations: The latest report by Guardian confirmed that the “decision to have Assange sent to a London jail and kept there was taken by the British authorities and not by prosecutors in Sweden… The Crown Prosecution Service will go to the high court tomorrow to seek the reversal of a decision to free the WikiLeaks founder on bail.” http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2010/dec/15/julian-assange-bail-decision-uk?showallcomments=true#end-of-comments
“Karin Rosander, director of communications for Sweden's prosecutor's office, told the Guardian: "The decision was made by the British prosecutor. I got it confirmed by the CPS this morning that the decision to appeal the granting of bail was entirely a matter for the CPS. The Swedish prosecutors are not entitled to make decisions within Britain. It is entirely up to the British authorities to handle it."
The CPS lied!

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