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01 December 2010


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Nasir R

The reason it is difficult to defeat these people is because they are all farmer soldiers. They work their farm till the call goes out for an operation. And after the operation they go back to farming. No standing army to fight or feed! A long slow war of attrition. Attacks on supply lines and so forth. Add extremists to this mix and BOOM. We now have a war we won't lose but will never win.


Nasir R

Just like Lexington and Condcord in 1775.


Then let us come to a cease-fire settlement and call it a draw.


Well said Doc and have a nice day


I wonder why CIA and affiliates play another cold war but this time with China and Iran?????? When this land (Afghanistan & Pakistan)will be spared for peace??? When these agents operations will end?? How long they will label people like alqaeda, terrorists etc and will destroy the peace of occupied lands.



If the Afghani Pashtuns would call for peace talks they would get them.

It is their move.

Account Deleted

Dear Sir,
Its lovely to hear and read you.
A BC from Bijli Topkhana, Arty 6 Armd Div
P.S. Your portrait in the Mess is rather remarkable.

Account Deleted

Dear Sir,
Its always a pleasure reading you.

A young BC from Bijli Topkhana
Arty 6 Armd Div
P.S. Your portrait in Div Arty Mess is rather remarkable

William R. Cumming

And so have we (US) now given Petraeus a real job or not so much any more?


the impression I get is that the positions and interests of the parties involved are pretty much mutually exclusive.

It is one thing to have talks, supposedly any time, and quite another to enter them with a realistic expectation to get what one wants. After all, when the Pashtuns can't expect to get what they want in negotiations, and aren't defeated, to the contrary, why should they negotiate? And on what? Their surrender?

What you say is primarily a slightly mischievous argument that aims on shifting blame to the Pashtuns.

FB Ali

Thank you! It's nice to be still remembered after all these years.


Confused Ponderer,

The US public wants to end these wars, the politicians may, but can’t. Talks that they start via Pakistan would allow overcoming political inability, and they would get assurances regarding relations into the future.

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