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28 December 2010


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Not all of Emerson's contributors are "expert witnesses" and/or self styled experts who know as much about intelligence and terrorism as I do about the back end of Mars. While many of the projects contributors are wealthy Jewish Senior Citizens, who are routinely pounded with threat analysis of which many do not understand.

I believe that the Investigative Project should not be exempt from reporting its contribution sources that are required by other 501c3 Organizations. Its simple, Emerson wants his funding sources protected not just from terrorists but other 501c3 competitors.

Moreover, Emerson is still all about Emerson. Though I do admit that age has begun to settle down that hot temper that he was once known for.

I do take note of Emerson's reports, and then do my own analysis for confirmation. Steve's problem is that he still see's way to many Islamic terrorists under his bed.

My other problem with Steve is that he supports the ever growing security apparatus in this country.

Because of people like Emerson, we Americans are surrendering our liberty for the sake of security.

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