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30 December 2010


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R.L. Kirtley

A Happy New Year to everyone and especially our country.


Thanks for your blog Pat and I wish you:

Guten Rutsch!


Best wishes for 2011 - Pat and everyone at SST!

Its bubbly time to cheer another year on this planet. Thanks Pat for the education and for keeping my eyes open.



I hope you have a great year. Happy New Year!


Thank you Colonel and Happy New Year....

William R. Cumming

I am never quite sure! Does this New Years end a decade or start a new one for the 21st Century?

I suspect the first decade of the 21st Century will be long remembered for its long term consequences for many living on earth! Hoping GAIA can limp along for a while longer despite the abuses heaped on Mother Earth by humanity. Are We an invasive species?

Farmer Don

Keep up the good work. It is much appreciated!

Happy New Year to the Colonel and Company.


Happy New Year, I suppose.

frank durkee

Happy New Year to all from the back mountains of Colorado. Col. many thanks for your work and to all who speak their piece here.
frank durkee


Thanks once more to Pat and the better angels at work here...

Happy New Year to all.

At the Virginia Capes

Best of the New Year to all!
And many thanks to our host and all the participants for the outstanding discussions this past year. Looking forward to more of the same in 2011.

Charles I

Happy New Year to all form Ontario.

Thanks Pat for your patience, perseverance and generosity this year.


Feliz Año Nuevo, gracias por mantener estas blog..Happy New Year, thank you for maintaing this blog...

bob randolph

Thanks to you, Pat, for providing insights and facts that the MSM studiously avoids. Bob R

different clue

Since we need some humor amid the gloom, I offer a funny picture of four dogs; in case it might be worth publishing.


Lab jokes is it?

Guy comes home and finds his dog laying stiff on the floor. He rushes the dog to the vet, who takes one look and says, "Your dog is dead, that will be $50."

"My dog is dead that will be $50??", the man cries, "No tests...nothing??? MY dog is dead, that will be $50???"

SO the vet goes out of the room, comes back with an orange tiger cat, holds the cat over the stiff dog; cat looks at the vet and says, "Meow."

Vet takes the cat away, comes in with a chocolate labrador; dog sniffs the dead dog, looks at the vet and says, "Woof."

So the vet turns to the customer and says, "Well, your dog is dead, that will be $650." The customer freaks out.

"$650!!! FOR WHAT??"

The vet says, "The initial diagnosis was $50, but with the lab work and cat scan..."

Happy New Year everybody.

Norbert M. Salamon

Best to all for the new year, and hope that the world's economy manages to supply the needs of all citizens without having any new neocon inspired wars.
od bless all.


Pat - Happy New Year to you and your family. May you continue to have the energy and patience to keep publishing your important blog. Thank you for all you did this past year.

different clue

Here's another lab joke that an engineer told me many years ago. (This was in the final year before Skylab's plunge to Earth with everyone wondering just where the pieces would land).

"NASA has been breeding Black Labradors with Skye Terriers. They are attempting to produce a Skye-Lab Retriever."



Thank you very much for this blog and I wish everyone a happy and healthy new year.


John Minnerath

From a completely and totally drifted in ranch house in the mountains of Wyoming,
it was -40°F this morning,
A GOOD New Year to you all.
May we see a year with less foul corruption everywhere than last year.
And Pat can find bits of good news to give us hope that our Republic will survive.

Maureen Lang


May you in fact know how much those who read/comment here appreciate your work, today of all days.

John Minnerath,

-40F...Ye Gods! Hope you & yours are well in that temp.

A Happy & Prosperous 2011 To All!
Or, at very least, "have a better one."


Wishing everyone a late "Guten Rutsch" and a happy new year!

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