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22 December 2010


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William R. Cumming

So the bottom line is a decade of involvement in Iraq has led to a better equipped and more compentent STATE security apparatus than the one headed by Saddam Hussein?

If so certainly an important factor in how US promotes democracy and civil liberties in the wake of its war fighting strategies!

ex-PFC Chuck
Now... if Sawyer had asked Clapper about this... That would have been interesting.

What? You want the talking heads to act like real journalists? How naive of you! /snark


"He has the potential to be a dictator," said Faleh Jabar, an Iraqi scholar who heads the Beirut-based Iraq Institute for Strategic Studies. "It's my biggest fear, because that would destroy our democracy."

"The widely feared Baghdad Brigade, which answers directly to Maliki's office, has frequently been used to move against his political opponents."

Thanks Neo-cons, sure an improvement from Saddam.

Charles I

If not Maliki with Iranian support in contemplation of withdrawal, then what?

The question to me is whether this will be a federation or 3 er, countries, five years from now. The kinetic bit is done, the nation building was a joke, how much can be expected of these people?

What's a strike on Iran do to Iraqi democracy?

William R. Cumming

The choice seems clear and stark. Civil war or three nation-states for Iraq's future. Better to be trying to hold back the tide.


"Maliki's governing style raises questions about future of Iraq's fragile democracy" Washington Post

So, is the question intended or unintended irony by the WaPo? The fact that the incumbent is PM after losing an election, and clinging to office like a tick for months until this "compromise" issued, speaks for itself.


....on the verge of civil war. WTF? It was a civil war, we backed the Shi'ite and they won.

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