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26 December 2010


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Agree with Pat, but unfortunately Obama wants to use the Korea issue to pressure China. That will not work. China can not really pressure North Korea (look up "Juche") and China will not budge on its economic policies.

SoKo President Lee Myung-bak is a bit megalomaniac (and criminal) and one should be very careful to give him any backing at all.

From one of the Wikileaks cables [09SEOUL59]:

President Lee is determined not to give in to North Korean pressure. Our Blue House contacts have told us on several occasions that President Lee remained quite comfortable with his North Korea policy and that he is prepared leave the inter-Korean relations frozen until the end of his term in office, if necessary. It is also our assessment that Lee's more conservative advisors and supporters see the current standoff as a genuine opportunity to push and further weaken the North, even if this might involve considerable brinkmanship.

The impetus for the last skirmishes seemed to be coming more from the South Korean side than the North Korean as laid out in Japan Focus: Korean Brinkmanship, American Provocation, and the Road to War: the manufacturing of a crisis

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