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17 December 2010


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Roy G

Palin has competition, and we have another sign of the decline:

Bachmann gets on Intelligence Committee

This is a sick joke.


Roy G--

Yes, I saw that about Bolton contemplating a run. Should be an interesting primary season with the potential for 3rd parties and a primary challenge to Obama.

After reading through everyone's predictions and the sorry state of most potential republican candidates, I begin to get the feeling that Obama could actually pull out a win.

I really don't think Palin/Bolton/Petraeus/Perry/Rubio/Gingrich could beat him. In fact, I think he would win easily over that field.

Perhaps Christie or Jeb could do it--but there would be hell to pay with the teapartiers on their road to the nomination.

John Badalian

Dear Colonel - Your own Jim Webb reminds me both of J.F.K. and Andy Jackson.
Maybe such a combination could clean up the Augean Stables?


Allow me to channel Clint Eastwood; "We all have it coming."


Col. Lang:

Why not Petraeus? It wouldn't surprise me if he were already in contact with select Republican supporters, much as was MacArthur, in order to get ready to be drafted as a candidate for president in 2012.

It's also highly probable that the Obama administration will continue to allow the Afghanistan/Pakistan/Mid-East situation to deteriorate into the endless squabble with loss of lives and treasure that was Korea which could only be ended under the strong hand of a thoughtful, successful, military leader. Generals have had a way of showing up in this country at the right time for a couple of hundred years.

This would also fit in with solving our inability to move beyond "playground politics" and to start attending to the needs of the country. Some of us remember that Eisenhower is responsible for CREATING our interstate highway system. I'm sure Petraeus remembers it as well and he's as politically savvy as they come. He didn't get a doctorate in polisci for nothing.

Someone needs to drain the marshes and get the trains running on time. Thank God this isn't Italy and that Petraeus would unlikely be another Mussolini. But something needs to be done.

Green Zone Cafe

Watch Mike Pence, if Daniels does not run.

Palin or Romney would lose to Obama. for different reasons. Palin's vote would be restricted to the hardcore nut base. Romney would not turn out the hardcore nut base.

I don't see Christie or Barbour either, for similar ideological and different geographical considerations.

The key to beating Obama for the GOP is to turn out the hardcore nut base but not alienate everyone else and draw some votes towards the middle.

Pence is sufficiently hardcore but ambiguously attractive enough to do that. Thune is another possibility, Pawlenty less so.


Col. Lang:

Sorry to have left off the bumper sticker.

"We ended the war in Iraq, we can end the war in Afghanistan. Vote Petraeus for President 2012."

Patrick Lang


We have several transplanted Yankees in Virginia politics, Jim Moran, Tim Kaine and Mark Warner to name some. On the other hand Gillespie and McCauliffe fell on their tails in trying to do the same thing because of their insufferable assumption that that they could walk in and take over from the country club types and all the rest of us redneck rubes. SC can speak for itself but they just elected that pretty Indian descended woman governor. pl

s nadh

The best lobster in the world comes from off the shores of the Tancook and Ironbound Islands, Lunenberg County, Nova Scotia. Same goes for sauerkraut, especially from Big Tancook. And no, I don't mean that stuff you can buy in a milk cart.

The Atlantica merger, as someone has suggested wistfully, is just that.

Your next president won't be Obama and won't be anyone of substance or wield real power. Your financial and military-industrial complexes would never allow it. Chalmers Johnson has it pegged.


One positive factor for General Petreus is that his home state is NH, he'd likely do well here in the primaries.

anna missed

For those entertaining the fanciful resurrection of the Bush family name in one named Jeb, to be clear, a given name without precedent until Southern troops bestowed the nickname on one J. E. B. Stuart - one wonders whether we need a such a replay of Gettysburg on the contemporary political stage. Especially since the prime actor is a transplant expat from Kinnebunckport so named in the desire of wishful thinking.


Interesting reading, these comments. For what it's worth, the link included is of a small poll at RedState on possible Rep. candidates. http://tinyurl.com/258wbdx Most of the mentioned candidates proffered above are on the list, save Chris Christie.

Kevin Egan

I sure wish Hillary had won the primaries... but time to move on.

I actually think that despite the enormous obstacles to third parties, if Elizabeth Warren could run with a VP who had foreign policy experience and credibility (John Kerry! Dick Lugar! Jim Webb!), her common sense about helping middle class families get out of the ditch they're in could lead to a substantial winning margin.

Because courageous common sense about our economic future--as opposed to offshoring everything that isn't bolted down for the benefit of the Wall St. banksters--is precisely what the U.S. needs.

If she had some money to run on, that is..... well, I can always dream, can't I?



Bachmann raised or $8.5 million and won a 3 way race with 52% of the vote, the nearest challenger had 40%. That speaks loudly about her financial supporters and the citizens in her district.


I think the election should be about the issue of Senate filibuster. It shouldn't be about any one man or woman. Obama couldn't maintain the promise of his campaign because of the Senate.

It's an institution with rules incompatible with democratic politics. It means that there is no such thing as a political caucus with ideas for government (except for a party which says no to everything).

It doesn't matter who wins. Killing the senate filibuster will ensure that parties and ideas actually matter again.


Stephen Harper

- evangelical voters like him, and he can dog whistle well enough that he doesn't rile non-evangelicals
- genuine fiscal conservative
- competent
- sane
- knows the limits of his power and stops just barely within them
- healed a decade long split in his party between radicals and moderates

If you'd be willing to drop the natural born rule, he'd make a great Republican president.

Roy G

It looks like ol' Haley really stuck his tit in the wringer. Not an auspicious start to any aspirations he may have beyond Yazoo City.

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