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20 December 2010


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Fabius Maximus,

I imagine the IDF story is a nice tool to recruit kids from NYC and Chicago. If they actually read news from the region they might be less willing to sign up for a potential ground war in the North.



I was fifty years old before I discovered Carl Jung and Myers and Briggs. Now I am an MBTI practitioner.

Always knew I didn't fit in at Fort Knox. More people should read "Please Understand Me", especially politicians, military officers and CEO's. We are not blank slates. Check out "The Blank Slate" by Stephen Pinker, MIT professor. The subtitle is, "The Modern Denial of Human Nature".


Patrick Lang




Having no military experience, I'm probably not qualified to comment, but will anyway. (Hey, it's the internets, why not?)---

Perhaps it's likely imho, things may go more smoothly with the repeal of DADT than critics believe.

I only say that based on my limited experience in teaching a number of former guard troops in a course that engages topical issues. Most of those have served in Iraq or Afghanistan and appear indifferent and/or hohum to the issue. Of course, they are not regular military.

That may not be much to base an opinion on, but anyway, since it's now the law, or soon will be, let's hope that things work out.

Patrick Lang


So do we all. In fact, the real test for a multi-gendered military will come when the fighting stops. pl

Mark Logan

@ Fabius
I found something. I was afraid Walrus might join.


Cold War Zoomie

"You like my niece?"

Who wouldn't?

Well, considering DADT, we know the answer to that question.

Tyler, I bet if Valentine joined your unit morale would go through the roof and no-one would complain.


INTP! Explains a lot.

William R. Cumming

PL! Hoping you will post each time female members of each branch of service increases over 30% of that branch's total end strength. What are current numbers?


Since homosexuals have presumably been showering with heterosexuals all along, there's simply no justification for changing the traditional facilities.

Patrick Lang


Since all these homosexuals have been closeted, I fail to see your point. I think that it will take about five years for the effects of repeal to make themselves clear. I do not find it encouraging that people like Dan Choi persist in wearing the uniform even thought they are no longer members of the military. This is a violation of federal law. Someone should explain that to the senate majority leader. pl

Sidney O. Smith III

Here is a recently released report that women should be allowed in combat roles.


That didn't take long.

Patrick Lang


Interesting coincidence? pl

Neil Richardson

How many women are out there who could *excel* in infantry and armor units? One in a thousand? One in ten or even a hundred thousand? It's one thing to react well against an ambush during a convoy op, but it's completely another matter while trying to "lead" day in and day out when a female small unit leader (or a male for that matter) would be judged harshly by her subordinates. How many women would be able to function well with today's emergency approach march load in the infantry? What will the Army do for female tankers? Skip the loader stage and go straight to driver? How about Ranger School? What happens if there are odd number of female candidates in a class? Who will buddy up especially during the swamp phase in winter months?

"The new report says that keeping women out of combat posts prohibits them from serving in roughly 10 percent of Marine Corps and Army occupational specialties and thus is a barrier to advancement."

This really troubles me. Platoon sergeants thought they had it tough when they had to break in a new butter bar. I cannot imagine what would happen to morale if this proposal becomes a policy.


"This latest move is being recommended by the Military Leadership Diversity Commission, established by Congress two years ago."

Political correctness run wild. Obama has some real problems to solve and this isn't one of them.

Neil, I think this is about getting women officers in combat units. Hopefully the former marine captain quoted was not the senior officer that was on the team? They sure didn't quote any NCOs but then maybe we don't count?

Sidney O. Smith III

Col. Lang

It was as you predicted and I would expect more to come. As Fred infers, just take a look at the name of the committee recommending these changes, which I am not calling reforms. Military Leadership Diversity Commission. Wow.

I really do wish people such as yourself and Neil Richardson -- those who saw the military life as a vocational calling -- well.

These changes concern me. But I am a civilian, and I was simply brought up to view war as a force unto itself and not to take lightly -- totally unlike anything one experiences in the civilian world. And that over the centuries, society determined that the best way to survive war and win -- particularly those conflicts that involve sustained combat -- is a type of brotherhood. A society is obligated to provide the best training for those are to defend out nation and to diminish the risks, as much as possible, any factors that my fracture the brotherhood.

Our post modern society may have abandoned literature that best describes war and in turn replaced it with action advanture. GI Jane instead of this...




Words have power. Once we were a nation with 'citizen soldiers' with only a small portion for whom the military was a true calling/vocation. Now it appears that military is just one more 'equal opportunity' employer that employs 'warriors'.

Congress should actually spend time focussing on doing its job rather than immediately working on re-election. If they did the former the latter wouldn't be very hard for them.

Sidney O. Smith III

You are right, imo. And I would just like to add that, like words, images have an enormous power to corrupt by creating false illusions.

The action adventure genre that predominates today is what first comes to my mind, at least as it is represented by Demi Moore and her ex, Bruce Willis. Really one in the same. Bruce Willis equals Demi and Demi equals Bruce Willis.

Demi Moore’s intent in GI Jane was to try to neuter military traditions, if not try to castrate those in uniform. When I watched the film, it was so melodramatic that it morphed into comedy, a strange kind of Police Academy. But watch the last scene and you will see how Moore (and it was her script) leaves, symbolically, the Master chief castrated or at least sexually crippled. (try not to see it as Police Academy)


And someone here, maybe Nancy K, recently compared guns to penis envy. Penis envy? What about this last line from this scene in which Demi says “Suck my d--k”.


Say what? Of course when Demi said, “Suck my d--”k”, I, number one, busted out laughing, but number two, said to myself, “My God, what does that say about her lover Bruce Willis?” Good Lord, let’s not go there. Crying Game in reverse, maybe.

And, all these years later, what does it say about that boy toy (can’t remember his name) she is married to now. If ever there was someone who was still attached to his mother, it is Demi’s present husband thus corroborating the role of former ones too.

So when you think about it, Bruce Willis action adventure films suggest that the lead character is over attached to his mother. So just look at who the lead character is in his films and it will tell you a thing or two.

In conclusion, I have come to believe that the action adventure genre has something to do with sexual role reversal, and in doing so, it diminishes the sheer horror of war. Moreover and, in all likelihood, the creativity of action adventure is based upon a very unhealthy unconscious attachment to the mother.

If true and our nation has gone action adventure, then we will see great hysteria under crisis. Action adventure is a snapshot of this nation’s psychological health and it ain’t good.

Just my two cents worth.


P.S. If you want to see another example of Demi using the plotline in GI Jane to try to neuter military traditions, check out the bar scene where they celebrate graduation from hell week. All the guys were sexually neuter or worse. Not a one of them was interested in -- to use the vernacular -- getting laid. They just congratulated her while she was sitting on a barstool like a queen bee. And keep in mind, at the beginning of the film, she tired to lure all the male heterosexual and lesbian viewers by doing push ups braless. Once she had the audience in tow, she then tried to leave the US military traditions sexually crippled or worse, at least symbolically. Lesson to be learned: sometimes you have to walk away from those who flaunt their breasts!

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