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07 December 2010


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Laura Wilson

Best headline...ever!

Z.  Nolan

Dear Cal,

This is from someone who no longer hunts, but keeps his hand in through shooting paper. I never felt a thrill after shooting game. The only satisfaction was feeling that I could still live off the land if I had to, like my ancestors before. Knowing how to hunt, including field dressing game- is a survival skill we need to teach our children and grandchildren. These are uncertain times.




Sarah Palin is a grifter, full stop. I have no fear that she's going to run for higher office, since that would affect her ability to earn money.

But plugging away at a deer with a long rifle is just not very impressive (having done it myself). Dressing your deer is your own punishment and rightly deserved.

What is impressive is the fact that Alaska has a bowhunting season for grizzly bear. Here's a link to a guide service:


Bowhunting for bears. That inspires a completely different level of respect. (Or it's insane. Not sure which.)


Well, I had to clench my teeth and pinch my lips together tightly--was fearful of what I might expectorate--but watched Sarah P(h)alin's "Alaska" tonight just to see what all the hullabaloo was about. Campy and kitschy just doesn't quite capture her metro-woodsy strangeness--manicured nails, coiffed hair, professional make-up, glasses slid half-way down the nose. Definitely a shooter but not a hunter of game. Even her language disembodies what she's after--"the animal." The "best" thing about her show--didn't hear one "you betcha." Second best thing about her show--I'll never have to worry about what I haven't missed--she's a one trick pony without the trick.


I was stationed up at Fort Richardson up there, and later at Fort Wainwright. I regret not taking more opportunity to get out and about up there until my tour of duty was almost up.

The wildlife is no joke. Someone killed an almost 16 ft grizzly a few miles outside of Anchorage that had been killing hikers and hunters for years.

Mark Logan

@ Stickler

I know of this. Many of the hunting guides are also fishing guides.

This is actually a bit of a scam. The guides insist on, at their discretion, shooting the bear after the client has been allowed to put an arrow into it. This WILL be in nearly every instance, because there WILL be no following of a wounded bear into any bush to finish it off with arrows. These guided griz "bow-hunts" are a niche market for a certain type of hunter. I believe few Alaskans respect them, if any.



That's interesting. Just imagine yourself seeing the new sunrise and taking that first bite of breakfast, then find your jaw half ripped out and you're fighting for your life. Worst dream I ever had but it sure gave me an idea of how a bass on the hook felt. Since then I find I no longer like to fish for sport like I did as a kid.

Abu Sinan

Not to be a "Stickler" but I had to point out, in reponse to Stickler's comment, that the link he provided was for brown bears and he talked about grizzlies. There is a bit of a difference between what is talked about as a grizzly and what is known as a brown bear, although they are both subspieces of the same type of bear.

Having lived side by side with brown bears I can attest that they are much larger and much bigger than a grizzly.

Anyway, I have hunted brown bear with no luck. Outside of hunting season I'd see them on a regular basis, hunting season comes and they seem to know it.

I'd like to see Palin out on a bowhunt tracking a 1,500 pound brown bear.

At that point, despite her massive ignorance, even I might be impressed.

Patrick Lang

Col. Lang and all ...
Anyone who feels morally superior to those of us who choose to harvest our own meat is seriously deluded and uninformed.

My yearly moose and caribou are wild and free up until they die and complete the cycle of life. They eat what their nature intends. Compare that to the industrial production of pigs ... huge buildings, concrete floors, never outside, massive doses of antibiotics ... squalid lives in the pursuit of maximizing profits. How All-American. Likewise for chickens.

Beef production is just as unsavory. Feedlots. Steers are crowded into huge mobs standing deep in the manure, fed corn and fattening formulas laced with large doses of antibiotics, which make the fetid system possible. Cattle are grass eaters, but not in the feedlots. Modern mass meat production is both immoral and chemical laced. The system is cruel to animals and produces tainted meat that I don't want to eat.

My wife and I produce all the food we can by our own efforts. Moose in the Fall, caribou in April, Red Salmon from the Copper River in July, 25 home raised chickens each summer All organic and natural. It involves a lot of work, but its the way we chose. And its my job to make sure our animals are harvested as cleanly and quickly as possible. There is no waste.

I know where all of my meat, fowl and fish come from. Not from Safeway.

Most Americans didn't know who Sarah Palin was until 2008. Alaskans have known about her for many years, in my case, since 1996. She's quite pretty. And that's it. She's vacant, a fraud. She's an embarrassment to this Alaskan and many others.

And how many people here had to attend 5 different colleges to obtain a four year degree?

America is in its senescence.

Richard Armstrong


How ironic will it be to come back here and read the back and forth on the morality of killing animals if this woman ever attains any actual power and has replaced hunting with war and Caribou with people as her preferred pastimes.....

Nancy K

I am a vegetarian but I am not against hunting to obtain meat, but rather hunting just for the sport of killing. My brother raises several cattle in Grass Valley CA that are hormone and antibiotic free and are killed in as humane way as possible, on the premises not trucked off to a slaughter house. I choose not to eat meat not just for health reasons but because of factory farming.
I am not judgmental towards those who eat meat, and I must say at times I miss a well cooked (rare) hamburger or steak


Well I think we can sum up the hunting subject by saying a difference of opinion is what makes a horse race. We are all rationalizers in one way or another.
I forgot to comment on the real subject...Palin..I don't take her seriously.
I think she's found her true niche in being a reality show character.


That's a great picture of Palin. The look in her eyes matches the sentience I see in her quarry. One deer in the headlights gazes at another.

Russ Wagenfeld

If one is looking for the motivation to give up beef The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan should do the trick. It contains a through description of the beef industry which should make one try to find grass fed beef instead. It is also an interesting read.


Two stories.

The sister of a friend of ours is a game warden in Vermont. They have a mechanical deer that they put by the side of the road. It moves its head up and down and does other deer-like things. It gets shot a lot by hunters stopping by the side of the road. In fact, it's hard to keep it repaired. The hunters are very disappointed when the wardens appear and tell them what they did was illegal. But the wardens don't enjoy it. It's dangerous. The hunters are armed and occasionally inebriated.

On Eastern Long Island deer are a menace, because their population is uncontrolled. They can't be hunted. Several people are killed each year by hitting deer or trying to avoid hitting deer with their cars. I recall in particular a man who was bicycling in Springs and was hit and killed by a car avoiding a deer.



"On Eastern Long Island deer are a menace, because their population is uncontrolled. They can't be hunted. Several people are killed each year by hitting deer or trying to avoid hitting deer with their cars. I recall in particular a man who was bicycling in Springs and was hit and killed by a car avoiding a deer."

You need a 'Roo bar. Lots of us have them.


Cold War Zoomie

"There are white tails on every wooded pocket of suburban (ugh!) Alexandria."

Up here in Silver Spring, too. I'm about 1/2 mile north of a parkway, and it's packed full. SWMBO caught one in our backyard taking a chomp out of her garden.

My heart still skips a beat when I run into them while jogging on the parkway's trail. Could reach out and touch them. When I was growing up, the only thing I saw of a deer in the wild 95% of the time was two bounces of that white tail through the brush. POOF!...they were gone!

We used stands, but the rednecks were known to use dogs and spotlights. Maybe Barbie should try spotlighting one next time so she can get 10 more rounds off before they move!

Cold War Zoomie

One more thing...I volunteer to take her snipe hunting.

Heh, heh, heh...

different clue

I agree with Linda that Palin probably included that piece to excite her political fan base by pointing to any criticism of her hunting technique or knowledge or ethics as being more elitist disrespect for her fanbase. Because any disrespect for Palin is disrespect for the Palin fanbase which respects
Palin. I have read theories that this show is about keeping Palin known and familiar to a segment of the TV viewing public. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she runs hard for the GOP presidential nomination. Failing that, she will run hard for GOP nominee kingmaker.

About hunting, my family has no hunting tradition so I have no hunting knowledge apart from what I may have read or been told. (My youngest brother took up hunting after several years living in Colorado.) But in recent years, hunter-coworkers have given me small amounts of venison from time to time. Each time makes me more pro-hunting. The wild deer meat
has a particular taste I haven't tasted from anything else.

I have read about Chronic Wasting Disease. What I have read is that it is a prion-caused encephalopathy somewhat like Mad Cow Disease. One could think of it as Cervine Spongiform Encephalopathy or Mad Deer Disease, if one wills. I first heard about it showing up in western Colorado, and sometime after
I raised the caution with my brother, he suspended his hunting activity.

About deer numbers dropping below moose numbers in Maine: I remember reading somewhere that deer like semi-open woodland and as the re-growth woods of Maine become older, deeper, and
thicker; they become less suitable for deer and more suitable for moose. I can't find that article but I have found a little article about moose which says in parts of New England moose outnumbered deer at time of early settlement. So perhaps the Maine woods is regrowing to the point of again favoring moose over deer?

Fred, I share your concern about the Palin threat in 2012. I feel deeply embittered over Obama's increasingly obvious
and apparent treachery in having permitted voters to think he was at worst a moderate Democrat. He strikes me as being an agent of our self-entrenching plutocracy. I also noted his sly attempt to get Congress to destroy Social Security by "payroll tax holiday" when he couldn't achieve its destruction through his "Catfood Commission". If its Palin vs. Obama I will vote Obama out of fear of what social mass arson Palin would turn loose in this country. But if its Obama versus some tolerable Republican; I will vote for the most serious Socialist or Liberalist candidate.

Back to food . . . if many of SST's current or retired government/diplomatic/military/academic readers live in or around the Greater Beltway Metropolitan Area; some of those readers might be within reachable distance
of Joel Salatin and his Polyface Farm which has been
gathering fame and respect over the past few years. He grows various meat animals under humane non-abusive conditions so they have a life before they die.
Also, I have read that they taste better than the average mass-market meat.
His farm is somewhere in Virginia.



We used stands, but the rednecks were known to use dogs and spotlights. Maybe Barbie should try spotlighting one next time so she can get 10 more rounds off before they move!
She could also use an automatic rifle for even more rounds per minute.

Thinking of it, when I first fired a rifle it was a G3 battle rifle. That kicked a bit. We had guys bruising their face when resting their cheeks wrongly. Initially, the firing noise startled me. It took me a while to figure out how to handle the recoil, since the weapon rose in firing, even more so in auto. As it it presumably standard, every soldier had his personal rifle and had to figure out how it shoots (shoots low left, so aim right high in order to hit). That is basic. When I made marksman that was easier because a benevolent sergeant lent me his perfectly zeroed rifle.

My point is: Palin is a rookie and it shows. I am appalled that she went out to hunt and indeed never bothered familiarizing herself with the gun she was about to use on some living creature. She could have as well thrown hand grenades, or shot at a paper target. She has no respect for the game she hunts.

Medicine Man

I went hunting with my father a few times in my twenties. I'm sad to report that the deer seem to be too smart for me to catch. If I had to hunt for my food, I think I would drop several notches in the food chain.

The Moar You Know

Can't load a gun, can't chamber her own rounds or work the action, can't even pick it up or hold it properly, damn sure can't aim the gun and doesn't seem to understand what the sandbags are for...

The woman not only no experience firing a gun, I suspect that this video might be the first time she ever has. I teach people to shoot. After a half hour they can handle a gun better than that.

Put mildly, I'm horrified. She's got no business being around firearms, she's a danger to herself and everyone around her.

Patrick Lang

Moar you know

I, too, teach people to shoot. she is appalling. I don't condemn hunting or hunters but I'll be damned if I would have shot that caribou just to show off for the camera. pl pl

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