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07 December 2010


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John Minnerath

Okayyy. They filmed this wreck? and published it? allowed it to be published?
Sarah Palin the great white hunter of the Alaska wilderness.
This sort of thing shows me her and her court jesters are even bigger clowns than I ever suspected.
Some of her ardent supporters here in Wyoming are going to be shuddering over that one!

William R. Cumming

I have known several outstanding female hunters and trackers. Always recommend Dan Brown's books for getting some idea about tracking.
I also stopped hunting after being in the Army in mid-twenties. An overage draftee.


Good editing makes it look like SP shot the caribou. Her errant shots are videoed wide angle, showing SP, her dad and guide(?) and then pan quickly to the confused animal. The money shot is a close up of SP pulling the trigger and then a shot of the collapsing caribou and is impossible with one camera. She never shot it. Also, her saying, "Does it kick?" when she shoulders the rifle, shows she never shot that particular gun and what hunter would go hunting without sighting in the rifle first?

As wikileaks shows it's all lies. Thank you for bringing this piece of propaganda to our attention, Col, and make sure to always wear a condom.


If you want a good laugh, watch the video.

Patrick Lang


Palin? Who, me? pl

Cato the Censor

Some day, if I'm lucky, I will never have to hear about this person again, in any context whatsoever.


You forgot to mention the unique odor of field dressing a deer.


honestly, i think the only reason for the inclusion of that particular segment was to piss off her detractors -- hoping that would lead to the inevitable back and forth exchange between her and the 'lamestream' media/peta types. if peta goes after her, she'll be thrilled.


This isn't about hunting, its about hunting votes. This is tailor made for the metro-mommies who fantasize about living in the great outdoors. Given Obama's recent abandonment of his (alleged) principles as a Democrat on the Bush tax hike issue (note the nice cut on SS payroll taxes, thus making future shortfalls greater) one shouldn't joke about the great white hunter. She may become the next president, or if the Republican candidate help ensure we keep the current one. Who's the potential primary opponent for Obama, I can't support him if this passes.



No, no. I was referencing Assange being put on Interpol's most wanted list for not wearing a condom. Anyway, I know you're joking because there isn't a bag small enough to fit over Palin's mind.

William R. Cumming

Are her pupils dialated?


Things, in general, Col, are getting might 'interesting' in this nation, are they not?

A whiff of Weimar in the air. Much is different of course with the Weimar example. But the sense of decadence, combined with a growing sense of doom, are similar. To this observer, anyway. There is something very wrong here. Very wrong.


Please correct me if I am wrong, but praying over a slaughtered animal makes her a closet Muslim (Dhabinah)?

Also, that Caribou had a death wish, most animals shatter when you miss, and miss, and miss.

I guess the Buck wasn't a condom user..lol


"Are her pupils dialated?

Posted by: William R. Cumming"

Are you asking this question about Caribou Barbie or Bambi's mommy? :-)

Patrick Lang


As I recall the Germans pray over dead rehbucks and those other bigger greyer deer that they have. Maybe it is Wotan they are praying to? pl


I am opposed to killing animals as a hobby. There is nothing manly about it.
And if one has the money for bullets to kill an animal for food one has enough gas money to get them to a free food pantry.
Come on my land and shoot an animal for sport and you will, as my posted signs say, get shot yourself.
Boy and girls who want to prove their cojones can go wrestle a crocodile...the brain sizes would be evenly pitted.


Col. Lang:

God save us! Jonst is right. There's a funny smell in the air. And we wonder why cultures create and hang on to fairy tales like The Emperor's New Clothes. Maybe it means that things will eventually turn around. If not for us, then someone else.



To paraphrase a very old joke,
"In Soviet Russia, condom
wears you".

best regards to all

Russ Wagenfeld

I missed the show and, having only shot a couple of copperheads, I cannot claim to be a hunter. However, it strikes me that at one swell foop she may have pissed off animal rights elements while delegitimized herself with real hunters.

John Minnerath

Cal, if you don't want your land hunted all you have to do is Post it. You don't have to issue a blanket condemnation of everyone who hunts.

William R. Cumming

MarkfromIreland! Sarah Palin eyes appear dialated in all her pics. Very odd given lighting.


Hell her champions could careless if she used a AT4 to take that deer down.

Its all smoke and mirrors. Very few true honest politicians anymore. Sad state of affairs....


She probably lost the respect of real hunters. The more media exposure she gets, even if edited as propaganda, the more followers she'll lose, as the incompetent Palin eventually shines through.


On a positive note, congradulations to Wisconsin hunters:
2nd time in state history no one killed during gun deer hunting



I wonder how much impact there will be even if real hunters lose any respect they had for Palin. At the risk of sounding naive, I don't think there are enough "real" hunters in the US population for that to matter much. There are a lot more "wannabe hunters," like there are many more armchair warriors than real soldiers...and the phoniness could go on unscathed for a while, politically speaking...

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