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14 December 2010


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I watched "Restrepo" last night. I agree with all your points. Dr. Silverman adds clarification.

It is an engrossing movie; but it deeply bothers me. It captures the enlisted soldiers' Mushroom view of war; "Kept in the dark and fed manure".

But, how in the hell, did the 2nd of the 503rd end up doing exactly the same thing 41 years later; interdicting the enemy; when the enemy are the people being occupied by foreign troops. "Restrepo" ignores the political, tactical and strategic fuck ups that led to troopers being placed into daylight ambushes. Then, the 173rd leaves the valley, once again, until decades later when the Veterans will return to see where their buddies died.

Besides the lack of framework for the scenes show in the movie, what bothers me the most about "Restrepo" is that I didn't identify with the troopers. Was it the horseplay or the tattoos? I think it is their lack of introspection. All Volunteers, and they know it.

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