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23 November 2010


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It's going to take a real game changer to alter the current situation. I've been watching Sky News all morning and they've been talking up the imminent Wikileak of US diplomatic communications. They say the Administration has warned several governments, Israel among them, in order to prepare them for certain disclosures.

Whose interests will those disclosures hurt?


What's even more troubling than FBI penetration is the Russian penetration of the Israeli government (given the 1 million plus immigrants from Russia in the recent past). How many tentacles might they thus have into AIPAC as a result?

Fred, I am aware this is a response to Walrus I don't quite understand. There may be a degree of irony I don't quite get. (?)

I am of course an absolute nitwit on matters, but I somehow doubt a deeper Russian penetration of Israel. Yes, I recently learned that Israel used American intelligence to get Jewish Russians out of Russia, at a time no one could simply leave, but why should this result in a pro-Soviet outlook on the side of those who left? I would expect the majority to have been rather disillusioned about the Soviet system. Wouldn't they have stayed otherwise? As there must have been differences between the two main post WWII waves of Russian emigrants to Israel. Are you suggesting there surely must have been spies among these waves due to the sheer numbers? Or that the Soviets would have been rather dumb to not manage to get some spies to join the exodus?

There is much talk about the Israeli type of "Homo Sovieticus" lately. And recent research seems to indicate that there might well be an influence of Soviet ethnic policies (Soviet identity politics) on recent trends in the Israeli Russian communities outlook: nativity, ethnicity, land, were nationalism guarantees superior rights to the land. (I am relying on Dimitry Shumsky's article: Ethnicity and Citizenship in the Perception of Russian Israelis, p. 154f http://books.google.de/books?id=4qPXpS9ySWkC&printsec=frontcover#v=onepage&q&f=false)
Russian institutions surely seem to fight the Israeli Glasnost, e.g. the post-Zionist, de-Zionization of education, allowing the Arab Israeli / Palestinian narrative partly in.

Maybe I am completely wrong, but this feels close in outlook to the many non Jewish waves of emigrants that fled Russia after the revolution and that merged with the European and American extreme right. A highly interesting story, on its own. ...

I wonder what exactly you have in mind?

Stanley Henning

I'm terribly disturbed by this whole mess. It appears that the American flag might as well substitute the Star of David for the 50 states under these conditions. We need to wake up and fly right or else!

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