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14 November 2010


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think that the administration is being deliberately obsequious.
They are going to visibly pile treasures on top of Bibi until the camel's back breaks.

With the blogosphere in an uproar you can already hear the backbone creaking. Give it a year and see where we are.


Sorry the previous comment sliced off the preceding "I".

It should have read:
I think that the administration is being deliberately obsequious.
They are going to visibly pile treasures on top of Bibi until the camel's back breaks.

With the blogosphere in an uproar you can already hear the backbone creaking. Give it a year and see where we are.


"Paying tribute,will merely invite more demands."

Thomas Jefferson

Roy G

LeeB, yes, they were videotaping the twin towers falling, and dancing in Jersey City.

Col. Lang and others, isn't it also true that the reason we don't have treaties with Israel because they don't have legitimate international borders?

Clifford Kiracofe


Kathy and Bill have deep knowledge of the situation.

I can recommend for those interested in a Palestinian perspective a book by the late Samih Farsoun, Palestine and the Palestinians (Boulder: Westview Press, 1997).

For a technical study of Christian Zionism from a theological standpoint Rev. Stephen Zizer's book Christian Zionism. Road Map to Armageddon? (Leicester: Inter-Varsity Press, 2004). Father Sizer, an Anglican, was kind enough to encourage my research and book.



As you say, "No one in SA thinks that they can fight the Israelis successfully no matter how much materiel they buy from us."

On the other hand, they certainly don't depend on anything as evanescent as their OWN military to prevent attacks on their territory. I would say that's the central component of the bargain they presumably struck with the US sometime in the late 40's, in return for which we got unfettered acccess to all the oil we wanted.


Cut off the Israeli's fuel supply and arms sales then they will change their tune.


Israeli planning considerations – Harper

To achieve….
What a deal!

Col. Lang,
So ironic that you should place these two topics in order!!! The topic by itself should offer the clear explanation. Israeli planning consideration, to get such a ‘what a deal’.
All this war drumming is to milk that sacred cow named the American tax payer and their hard earned dollars. It is funny how Israel has ‘free’ health care for her own people (thanks to our aid), but their representatives in ‘our’ congress are against it here in US!
If your viewer care to read the following, perhaps we can figure out how not to get bamboozled by these people and their wall street backers,, I mean bankers.
Just as the so-labeled peace negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians have been and continue to be a charade for public consumption, with absolutely no intention of it ever reaching a meaningful resolution, similarly are the off and on transparently fake attempts toward a rapprochement with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which have always been contingent upon various clearly irreconcilable preconditions in order to ensure their failure. The process is simply too obvious to need any elaboration. There is no intention of easing the tensions; the effort has been to ratchet up these tensions just short of an actual flashpoint.

Patrick Lang


Glad to see that you perceive the irony. pl

2nd Op

My representative and my two senators are in AIPAC's pocket. The VP's opinon is patently ridiculous. The Pres has the spine of a jellyfish.
Sadly, I conclude that nothing can be done to change government policies short of armed revoluton.

The question then becomes
will our volunteer army fire on American citizens?


R.d, or KZ, pleased to meet you, I didn't notice you here before.

When yesterday Google presented me with a top list entry telling the world that you are an Iranian agent, I was reminded of my self-experiments in paranoia addiction and the huge universe of the clashing conspiracy theories in the post 911 world, last but not least the ones by Judith Miller, Laurie Mylroie.


I would appreciate a more extensive comment on Harper's tune.


Hmm? Obviously R.d. may not be KZ but the link suggests at least a shared perception, shared concernment ...? Meaning, yes I would love KZ to join this list, but obviously I would be just as pleased by a kindred spirit/soul ideally an Iranian or someone with Iranian roots.



I am certainly not KZ. However, I do appreciate his insight and objective analysis. He is also very well informed. Ooopss, guess that could make me a sub or jr agent?? :-)

The larger geopolitics is far more involved for a blog commentary. Perhaps I can suggest the following read. it does cover a number of recent and relevant issue re Iran and ME geopolitics.


Patrick Lang


Who is KZ? pl


Who is KZ?

here is the Bio.



As far harper’s and war.. I believe the IRI called the war bluff back in 04-05, when the previous admin was running high on cloud 9, the mission accomplished, the economy was booming, all the planets were in inline and necons were the king.

As some have observed in various comments here, wars are messy and often un-predictable. This alleged war, will serve no purpose but will have some very real and un-desirable consequences.

The inevitable rise and independence of Iran is a challenge for the US FP. One aspect or certain groups of the FP simply can not come to grips with this eventuality. This group is also supported by the extreme side of the Israeli politics. As for Iran’s rise will come at the expense of Israeli’s hegemony in ME. The war drum is this groups attempt to box Iran. Sanctions, political isolations, etc.. The non existent nuclear issue is the pretext.

What are the IRI to do with a nuke? Play volleyball? Vs the few hundred Israeli or a few thousand US nukes? The rise and independence of Iran will have political consequences for the entire region. This will be a net loss for the Israeli hegemony, but does not necessary have to be a net loss for the US. Clifford Kiracofe comments in previous topic re a broader game played by the powers is very fitting in this regard. The US and Iran have overlaying interests within the region. These interests will be best served for both countries as friends and not subservient relation. Those days are over. Hence this merry go-around of political dancing how to come to terms with an independent Islamic republic of iran..

Like the old man W.C. said “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else”

And war is not an option. There are much saner voices in US despite the belligerence by the pro Israeli MSM. The bickering is just the noise from that spoiled brat juvenile who wants her candy. A side affect of uncle sam’s un-wavering support for her ill fated projects.

However, despite the guns of august, the October surprise to the war march in 2011, even the Israelis know war is not in their cards. They were unable to deal with a few thousand militia force of hezbollah. That reality must have cracked a few heads, trying to figure out what happened. Lets not forget they were the ones who paid the blood, ofcourse, we, the US, with barrowed Chinese money paid the treasurer.

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