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10 November 2010


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Colonel, I am also dismayed with the lack of spine in Obama, but one needs to consider that the office of the President is not where the power lies... I vaguely remember an anecdote about a Sec of Treasury in the 1930's or 40's, who bragged that the president serves under him. Some better educated contributors may even know who said that. Lastly, the financial troubles Obama inherited are astronomic and it was actually foolish for ANYONE to win the election after Bush's terms. Give Obama some slack, even so I do shudder at his caving in to the Lobby.


A busy day at work makes me late to this party, so I offer just a few ad hominem opinions.

McCain: a viscous, certifiable nut-job, with delusions of grandeur. Even if he had common sense, which I doubt, his hair-trigger temper makes him one of the last politicians in America I would want to see holding the "football." As applied to him, the moniker "maverick" is code for the lowest kind of political ho. "Just build the darn fence" sayeth the ex-champion of "comprehensive immigration reform."

Obama: an incompetent, jejune enigma too "intelligent" for his own good. Prime practitioner of the old pol bait-and-switch scam. Never in my political memory, which goes back to 1960, has a presidential candidate betrayed his campaign promises as completely as Obama has. IMO his slogan, "I get it" ranks right up there with "the three great lies." He's actually a clueless elitist who is headed for one-term oblivion unless the Repubs put up someone as deranged as McCain in 2012, which is a distinct possibility.

I no longer see any real chance of this country reforming itself through traditional politics. The system is simply too self-serving, self-perpetuating, and sickeningly corrupt.


Sometimes I see Obama as someone who has been compromised. Just sayin'.


A candidate is someone who gets money from the rich and votes from the poor to protect them from each other

William R. Cumming

Some questions? Is it true that Senator McCain was a bomber not fighter pilot?
Is it true that Indonesia is largest Islamic Nation? Is it true that out of the 90,000 Islands that comprise the nation-state of Indonesia only one is majority a religion other than Islam? And that one is majority Hindu?

Who controls the forces of organized violence for the nation-state known as Iraq that can be labeled the "government"?

What have US casualty figures been for Iraq since 1/1/2010?

Is it the consensus of you PL and your commentators that Obama will run in 2012? Why is it always Biden not Obama announcing that he [Biden] will be on the ticket in 2012? Has OBAMA ever stated that publically or been documented privately saying that?
Is Obama's real issue that he does not want to be first US President to announce that economically US is relatively powerless in current economic climate?

Why does the Administration keep announcing it wants a "strong dollar" when both actions of the FED and the Administration and Congress indicate otherwise?
When will the small and regional banks and the large banks record accurately their non-performing commercial real estate loans?

Factoid: Now looking like up to 25% of all STATEs and their LOCAL government civil servants will NOT repeat not receive their expected pensions for a multitude of reasons, including failure of STATE and LOCAL bond market for various reasons including collapse of STATE and their local government tax structure.

Will the UK follow its Irish province in financial collapse? Will the EU follow its Irish province in financial collapse?

As always a fool can ask more questions than any wise man can answer? How many stars in the sky?

Clifford Kiracofe


You probably noticed Biden's staff was pro-Israel as well. My guess is the pro-Israel rant to which you were subjected was not particularly coherent, just dutifully pro-Israel. His rants were par for the course on the Hill, like McCain's.

The fiction is on the to read list. Teaching at two schools this year finding time for non-fiction is also problematic.

Having a little time for video, however, I played your Miller Center talk to a class at W and L Tuesday and we had discussion based on it. I think we will pick up on it also today in about an hour.



Just my point, at least Greywolf will listen to a different viewpoint. I'd love to see him at an RNC convention.

Patrick Lang


There were two staffers in the room. One was Ed Levine, the long haired character. He obviously enjoyed it. I would have walked out but my client, an Arab businessman sat through it. It was disgusting. I would be interested in the discussion of my talk. there are other talks by me in the Miller Center Archive. pl


For some insight into McCain's character development (not a pretty picture), see The Nightingale's Song, by Robert Timberg. Anyone who reads this excellent book would find it most difficult to think well of McCain.

Clifford Kiracofe

I recall Jamie Rubin on his staff who went on to bigger things with Madeleine Albright at the UN and then at State as her policy advisor/press guy.

We just had an hour and a half discussion on your talk. Each student was called on to present what they found interesting/helpful etc. Then we would take off on discussion from each student's comment.

Students (and myself) found your talk extremely helpful in understanding the situation and identifying key issues down to technical matters such as Israeli capabilities, Pakistan nuke scenario, Iran, target sets, etc..

On the Palestine front, students I think were surprised by what they felt was "pessimism" and the other hand students said that they had not heard such a frank presentation of the overall situation before, and certainly not in the US press/media.

I do not allow them to read the US press for class. They must collect open source items from non-US press and report for class discussion/analysis.

In brief, 20 some students found your presentation very helpful and were able to follow it based on the prior work they had done in the class, "Islam and Politics." They were engaged, challenged, and interested.

Nancy K

No matter what Obama does, there are going to be a fringe that hate him and believe he is a communist, fascist, Islamic terrorist, oh yes and not born in the USA.
Presidents visit foreign countries and Indonesia is a very important country in the region and the president did live there during his childhood.
I feel this may have been a FU to those who hate him no matter what.


I listened to the whole presentation at the Miller, and felt that not mentioning the siege of Gaza or the murders on the Mavi Marmara was inexcusable... the Palestinians are "sullen" for very real reasons, and Turkey doesn't trust the west (and pro-Israeli secular officers) for very real reasons.

Patrick Lang


My talk was not intended to be a sermon. pl



The most detailed and fascinating explication of Barack Obama's faith came in a 2004 interview he gave Chicago Sun Times columnist Cathleen Falsani when he was running for U.S. Senate in Illinois. The column she wrote about the interview has been quoted and misquoted many times over, but she'd never before published the full transcript in a major publication.

Intellectually Obama probably 'gets' that a portion of voters think he is their "definition" of Muslim, but on an emotional level he seems to have no grasp of what that means or how to deal with it.

The trip to Indonesia was twice postponed -- once during the health care debate and once due to the BP spill.

So it was supposed to occur well before the Mid Terms.


I'm surprised none of the commentators touched on former chairman of the JCS Hugh Shelton's pointed assesment in his recent book on the unfitness of John Sidney McCain Three Sticks for the office of POTUS.

i tried to explain to my repub relatives (including my wife) during the 2008 election. W invaded a country that neither wanted war w/ us nor was a threat to us that had nothing to do w/ 9.11 over non-existent WMD's. McCain was for that, b/ also wanted to invade N. Korea, Iran, & Syria, & you want to vote for him, Get Real!

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