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09 November 2010


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That was GWB and company believing they could win a war by abondoning long standing American principles. It may have something with the current culture of Texas/conservatism:



I'd say the Ninth Circus isn't much better.


Hi COL Lang,

Air operations really isn't my bag, but this is my take.

Pakistan has been building a highly effective capability the last few years, and things are now coming together. There were some hiccups with the JF-17 development over the last few years. But it seems pretty obvious that the Chinese and Pakistan are producing an aircraft the PAF are very, very pleased with - it supposedly has performed beyond the original requirements.

Pakistan is not working alone in their nuclear R&D, and let's just say that your idea of PAF pilots landing safely in a friendly Arab state after bombing Israel should not surprise anyone.

As for refueling, early JF-17 models did not support the probe and drogue mechanism. But they have added it to their later production runs. They were also looking at using "buddy pods." That may be a moot point, now.

This is interesting, too:


My view: Israel has been pushing hard to attack Iran because they know they are racing the clock with regards to Pakistan's capability. Looks like time has run out as these systems are coming on line as we speak.


Col, this country of ours needs a sheepdog to confront these rascals face to face.

William R. Cumming

Actually, I would argue that the US leadership is lousy in its strategic analysis.
Perhaps none played the childhood boardgame RISK!

dan of steele

It appears that even a 3 billion dollar bribe is not enough for our strategic partners in the middle east to convince them to follow international law and cease building on occupied land.

I wonder how much they want...

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