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03 November 2010


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Mr. Sale, I wish you had not referred to the canard regarding Weizmann being "an expert in acetone" which is frequently blown up (sorry for the pun) by Jewish websites into the assertion that Wiezmann won the First World War single handed by supplying Britain with a formula for the manufacture of a secret explosive ingredient - acetone.

The reality is more prosaic. Acetone (discovered 1839) was used as a recoverable solvent to dissolve nitrocellulose in the manufacture of Cordite (formulated in 1889). Acetone at the beginning of WWI was produced by the destructive distillation of wood.

Wiezmanns contribution was a bacterial fermentation process that produced cheaper acetone. He licenced his patent, for royalties, to the British, which was very decent of them since during wartime patents are held to be irrelevant.

Adam L Silverman

May I recommend that for a good historical synopsis, as well as text of the original declaration, those interested should click over to here:

They are also a one stop historical maps shop!

Mark Gaughan

I'm wondering. Wasn't there a time when Russia let Jews live there tax free? (Ordinary Russians got fed up with that. That's when they started moving to Israel.) I'm not sure of the time frame. I seem to remember this from reading Tom Segev's book, "One Palestine, Complete" a few years ago.


If anything I'm left with the principle feeling of British opportunism.

Thanks for the link Adam.

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