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26 November 2010


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William R. Cumming

Did RE pay taxes elsewhere will absent and report the rental income in any state?


It does not matter, RE is still going to win....

This is Chicago we are talking about. The dead just don't vote there, they are included in the cities census! Chicago is going to be a hoot of a place to be watching.


voter law is a matter of intent, where your conscious design is to return. now if he had sold his house, voted in DC, got a Maryland driver's license, then a different intent can be inferred from those facts.

this is all brought out in state voter law cases involving college students registering in "gown towns." about the only thing that nails you is voting twice the same election day!


When I read, "He didn't collect signatures himself, has not campaigned, and has no campaign manager, staff or budget." it reminded me of something, the story of Patrick John Ryan. Apparently there's a tradition in Illinois politics of having your opponent in the race work for you.

The article also mentions that Rob Halpin is a real estate developer. Which kinda makes the whole thing smell a bit worse to me, because it means he's antagonizing people who can make his professional life rather difficult, very easily, and doing it with 20,000 signatures, no staff, no budget, and no campaigning.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just seeing patterns where none exist.

Could this be more perfect?

Without Rahm demanding a pound of flesh in rent or trying to shut down a Catholic orphanage? Probably not.

Medicine Man

Or Rahm trying to steal Christmas; that would be classic, in a way.


Ha, ha, ha! Too damned stupid to make sure he was up on residency law? As if there were no rooms or apartments within Chicago for rent from February 2010 to make sure he had legal residency? The only thing better would have been finding someone named Ralph Emanuel to run. He's made lots of political enemies over the years, at the very least they will have him tied up in court for weeks. If he couldn't see this coming then what does that say to his ability to lead Chicago? Looks like hubris all the way.

Charles I

Well, its perfect - as the model of issueless politics and trickery refined these last few decades that will deliver you Sarah Palin to the white house on a tea tray.

The fact that the victims of such politics are too stupid to be anything other than fish in a barrel does not improve the moral or political fibre of the shooters.

Where was Obama born again?

Larry Kart

What a surprise -- Mr. Halpin seems to be a plant:


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