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24 November 2010


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John Minnerath

They could start at my toes and work up or from my ears and work down.
Either would be most welcome.


They're doing similar trials with injecting stem cells in the brains of stroke victims. both in rats and in humans. It's mildly disturbing to me that it works at all "We're going to inject this into your brain and hope it turns into more brain, which will then learn how to be the parts of your brain that are dead. Descartes can suck it.". They probably wouldn't say that last bit honestly, but I think it's implied.


I do not know about immortality, but I do know that work is winding down towards the holiday and that I want to thank you for your blog. It has taught me a lot.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


That's Ok I'll continue to drag my cross around. I am still not to certain on the science. Besides, the way this Planet is heading who wants to live longer than 90 anyway?


I hope you get some for Christmas if you want some.

As Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I would like to wish you and yours and everyone else here a happy holiday.

Is this your ham holiday?

Patrick Lang


No. Christmas. pl

Nancy K

Col. Lang, I wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving.


I saw this a few days ago elsewhere; it only seems to work on injured muscle. They don't say how damaged the muscle needs to be, i.e. are these major strains or just the tearing you do when lifting weights? In any case, this is a fascinating finding.

Happy Thanksgiving, Colonel!



The right wing crowd taking over in Congress is unlikely to let that research happen in the US. I'm sure they'll let us import said stem cell derived medicines from those godless communists in China though.


Sorry for forgetting which holiday the ham was for. Does that mean your turkey didn't get a pardon, either?

frank durkee

Thanks for a great blog. If it works on your lumbar region, I'm next in line.


ah, the problems with fetal stem cells b/ consider the following:
"Along with Harvard University researchers and as described in the journal Nature Biotechnology[9], he has announced that stem cells with enormous potential can be harvested from the amniotic fluid of pregnant women. These amniotic stem cells are pluripotent, meaning they can be manipulated to differentiate into various types of mature cells that make up nerve, muscle, bone, and other tissues while avoiding the problems of tumor formation and ethical concerns that are associated with embryonic stem cells.[10]

With respect to the amniotic fluid stem cells ("AFS" cells)[11], Dr. Atala said the following:

"The cells come from the foetus, which breathes and sucks in, then excretes, the amniotic fluid throughout pregnancy;"

"Like embryonic stem cells, they appear to thrive in lab dishes for years, while normal cells, called somatic cells, die after a time ;"

"They are easier to grow than human embryonic stem cells. And, unlike embryonic stem cells, they do not form a type of benign tumour called a teratoma;" and

"A bank with 100,000 specimens of the amniotic stem cells theoretically could supply 99 per cent of the US population with perfect genetic matches for transplants."[12]"

Maureen Lang

Wishing all posters, commenters, & readers here at SST & TA a lovely Thanksgiving. If I could I'd hand you all a slice of the apple bourbon pies we baked this afternoon (they really perfumed the house), but a virtual slice will have to do.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Maureen: A pecan pie back at you. Have a great holiday.


Maureen, many happy thanks. Just out of curiosity what kind of apples, and bourbon?



It will be a Happy Thanksgiving afterall, Tom Delay was convicted!



Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Col. - What type of ham for Christmas.

Simple but weird exercise for easing back stress. Stand on one foot touching something on the other side with your hand for balance. Let the lifted foot dangle about four inches from ground and move it gently around as though you were trying to ink the entire sole of the foot on a tennis ball. Back and forth, and around and side to side. Should be harmless and I hope it helps.


As to stem cells, some companies are taking your own bone marrow and inducing the stem cells in it to form precursors of the needed type of tissue. To my knowledge this is being tried for arteries and heart.

Patrick Lang




An operation, Col? A few years ago my neurologist thought I had stenosis. An MRI showed just the normal Chek Brothers bulges and still ended up put out to pasture on an occupational disability. Best of luck and happy Thanksgiving to all. Support the Browns, the will need it.


Yum, yum..

With some of that apple bourbon pie, a cup of stem cells and one of those invisibility cloaks Duke University researchers have invented I could solve all our problems.

Happy Thanksgiving tyrannis and all.

Maureen Lang

Thanks, Jackie, pecan is a real family favorite around here during the holiday season.


-Granny Smith apples & Wild Turkey. I always add a little extra nutmeg, since we're a nutmeg loving group & the bourbon seems to like it.

-Ditto to yr. sentiments on the Delay conviction.


Happy Thanksgiving!


HGH in proper doses is also supposed to help with this.


Being a day older than John McCain, I could use all the stem cells I can get.

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