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26 November 2010


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Oh dear. Hope he's checking under his car.


dh: Funny, in a perverse sort of way. Okay, I laughed out loud at your comment.

I know everyone in the region would like to pin Rafik's death on Hizbollah (excuse the spelling). But after reading Pat's post, I've think the suspects are limitless.

Norbert M. Salamon

Sa'ad Hariri's interview at WP is at:

Neither Israel nor USA comes out smelling like a rose [AIPAC must be furious!]


Heheheh...the Saudis only goal is to hang on to their throne.
Hummm...keep my throne or keep the US status quo, throne?-status quo?
I have all this oil and the US has all that balance of power debt.
Decisions, decisions.


We are looking at the new political power developing in the Middle East. I hate to say this, but we created a monster with Iran.

Another Country we need to be in direct talks with.....

Go figure....


re: checking under his car ... if he ends up dead, the US and Israeli generic position will be that it must have been Hezbollah.


Duh, well of course Iran has a role to play in the stability of Lebanon and the whole ME region for that matter. But we can pout and make frowny faces over what is obvious to all aside from us frowny faces.

Norbert M. Salamon

It appears that Mr. Hariri has realized that the two major powers setting and financing Lebnon's political system, Saudi Arabi and Iran, both desire for stability notwtihstanding the possible disruptive effect of the International Tribunal regarding Mr. Hariri Sr's untimely death.
That a Prime Minister of a Nation would be taking the interst of her citizens even over his desire for "justice" of his father's assissination is a sign of MATURITY, a concept which seems to be missing in Washington, be it regrds to the Presidency, the Congress or the Supreme Court [with refrence to corruption and Vs United,,,]
It is notable that the third regional ME power, Turkey, a NATO member, is also working at ensuring stability in Lebanon, thus these three are for peace opposing the Israel/USA efforts to destabilize the whole reagion by advocating wars against Lebanon [Israer] or Iran {USA and Israel].


Prince Turkis comments in Washington last month suggest that the Saudis are getting sick and tired of Israel and the U.S.

As reported via Mondoweiss:



And from Walid Beg (though he peeled off a while back): "Whoever technically killed Rafik Hariri, those really responsible were Chirac and Bush, who forced him to accept 1559" see http://bbc.in/f6MACX

William R. Cumming

Okay Dream-O-Cons! You are picked to run any country from the Eastern Med to the S. China sea. Which do you pick? My guess is not Iran at top of your list!


Dear Jake:
But do they really need to be in direct or even in indirect talks with the USA?
It is a shame that his father's demise was created by some southern neighbor.


Oh oh oh can I have Socotra? Beautiful place, all laid back and peaceful.

Phil Cattar

The word labyrinth does not due justice to the very complicated maze that is Lebanese politics.Sa'ad Harriri has the "Rodney King Syndrone",can't we all just get along.He is doing everything he can to save his life,presidency and country in that order.He is working every side of the street and I can't say I blame him.His father played tough guy and stood up to Assad as did Gemayel.Most likely Assad,the Iranians and Hizbullah ,or some combination of the three, have made him an offer he cannot refuse.If you are going to be the president of Lebanon these days you had better be "flexible".At this moment it is in the interests of the big players in the Middle East ,including Israel,that Lebanon be stable.

Norbert M. Salamon

you left out Saudi Arabia, which financed the Hariri Movement in the last election! They are also major players in Lebanon.

Phil Cattar

Yes Norbert I did leave out the Saudis because their leadership is a different "breed" ,if you will, than the Syrians,Iranians and Hizbullah.Rafik Harriri ,as you know,was a very good friend of the Saudis and made a lot of his money with them.No one believes that they had any thing to do with his assination.They are aligned with Israel,the United States,Egypt,Jordan and the Sunni and Chritian Lebanese for the most part.Assad called them half men not that long ago.It is probably correct to say the Saudis are major money players in Lebanon.But their agents are much less likely to wake you up in the middle of the night with a pistol to your head.

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