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04 November 2010


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Douglass Schumacher

Done. Thank you for this blog. I read it every day.


I tossed some money into the kitty. About the amount of a big night out for me (i'm a cheap date though, as the colonel will now know). Never done that before, on any blog, and I frequent quite a few.

Karl K. Barbir

Dear Colonel: I very much appreciate your columns and reflections and also wish that you were still in service.

I am a professor of Middle East history at Siena College in the Albany, New York, area. My degree is from Princeton in Ottoman and modern Arab history. One of my teachers was Michel Mazzaoui, who went on to Utah (perhaps at the time you were getting your master's?).

I will make a modest donation to keep your site going.

All the best,


Done (yesterday... and I was not going to post but then realized that perhaps I should give you a "thumbs up" on a different frequency just in case Meg W. is trying to recoup some of her losses via PayPal skimming...)

Thanks for the umpteenth time, Pat. I don't always agree with you and occasionally find some of the commentary vitriolic and/or unrealistic... but I still find myself visiting your site almost every day among the few that I frequent regularly...


"vitriolic and/or unrealistic"

that's what happens when u ask for money

Patrick Lang


1- You get paid for what you do. Don't give me a lot of cheap crap.

2- He was referring to what you commenters sometimes say.


my bad, he must have been talking about my comments.

At the Virginia Capes

As I am leery of Paypal, is there some way I can send you a money order?
Unfortunately, it will be a bit paltry, but being as what circumstance are right now, it will be the best I can do.
Thanks for creating and maintaining this blog.


I;ve been contributing modestly via PayPal but now my account there is frozen due to a dispute I have with someone in the PRC. Naturally, PayPal has taken the side of the Chinese person, very unfairly I might add. What alternatives to donate are there Colonel?


I am just not leery of Paypal I hate it. I have had some real bad dealing with the service.

Is Alexandria still a good addy for you Knight Commander?

Your In ΙΗΣ....

Sherry Long

Hi Col. Lang,

We're traveling right now but will send a donation late next week. Can we contribute without going through PayPal?


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